Part I: Why I Love Cake So Much (Finally!)

This was supposed to be my first post, but I never got to it. As usual, I went off on a tangent. Be forewarned: if you can’t stand tangential writing, we can’t be friends. At least not on the internet. Actually, probably not in person either. Because as a friend, you are obligated to support me in all my endeavours.

So, yeah, where was I?

Why I love cake so much, yes.

There’s nothing shocking about that statement in and of itself. I’m sure you love cake, too. If you don’t, I’d seriously like to know why. Like seriously. Who doesn’t love cake? But do you love cake enough to name your non-baking blog partially after cake? No, I didn’t think so.

I love cake so much, it’s become a running joke between me and my husband. He’ll tease me by offering me cake if I do him a favour. Cake is definitely my favourite dessert (with the exception of ice-cream during 90 degree-plus weather). I mean, I’m equal opportunity when it comes to most forms of sugary goodness (just as long as it’s chocolate), but there’s something about (chocolate) cake — the rich, dense and intensely frosting-y kind — that other popular desserts just can’t stand up to.

For example, brownies. Brownies, for the most part, are not fun. No icing! And then they’re usually topped with nuts. I don’t dislike nuts, but I really dislike nuts on my dessert. They end up getting stuck in between my molars, which takes away from the dessert experience (Yes, dessert is an experience). Then, there’s cookies. I like cookies, don’t get me wrong and I will devour the entire batch in a second. But again, eating cookies doesn’t quite satisfy me as eating cake does. Either the cookie is hard. Boo. Or it’s too warm and gooey and literally melts in my hand. This makes my hand oily and messy, which I don’t like. Not when I’m eating my dessert anyway.

But I don’t just like cake because of process of elimination, either. Cake, when done right, has layers. Many layers. More layers = more fun. Most good cakes will have frosting, too. Some find frosting to be too much. But for me, it’s a necessary part of the cake. And then there’s the experience of eating the cake itself. If ever the sugary frosting is too much (usually never the case for me), you can count on the interior to balance things out. I love this juxtaposition. Just picture yourself digging your spoon into a slice of that. It’s good, isn’t it? My blood sugar is rising just thinking of it.

What about cupcakes and cheesecake? Nope, sorry. Cupcakes are too small and impossible to eat enjoyably. The frosting is at the top, so by the time you get to the cake part, it’s all gone. Cheesecake is good, but the slices are always way too small for me – plus, it’s pretty much frosting all over. It’s missing a sort of… cakiness.

Nope, it’s gotta be cake! Chocolate cake, preferably.

So that’s my gluttonous reason for loving cake so much.

But there’s another more storied element to cake. Cakes are perhaps the one dessert most associated with celebrations. Birthdays, graduations, weddings… or in my case, every time I visited my eldest paternal aunt and her husband (Baba, I used to call him) in Toronto as a kid. Though he passed away over 4 years ago, Baba continues to hold a special place in my heart. He was like my second father. His love for me was the purest love I’ve ever known. Perhaps because we both shared an affinity for sweets, each time I’d visit my aunt, uncle, and their children, there’d always be a cake waiting for me. And each time, there would be a Rafia Cake-Cutting Ceremony. Sure, this didn’t help with my weight issues as a child. But as Baba would say, “Rafia was never fat!” If that ain’t blind love, I don’t know what is!

Today, each time I cut a slice of cake, it’s almost as if I’m taken back to those precious moments of my youth in Canada, where and when life was so much more innocent and carefree and of course, Canadian, so therefore automatically better.

So when I say cake is love, I really mean it.

4 thoughts on “Part I: Why I Love Cake So Much (Finally!)

  1. Love this post Rufster! I remember when he would tell you to get him cookies from Miracle Mart. When Phupu would pass by the cookie section, you would stick your feet out and stop the stroller to make sure you got those cookies :)

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  2. I shouldn’t have, shouldn’t have, SHOULDN’T HAVE seen this post. I’m fasting, and that’s cakeee!! :((( My stomach’s demonstrating a whale call now, thank God I’m at home.
    Eid Mubarak tho.
    Yes, I’m stalking you, and I’m creepy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. But now you’re not fasting and you can eat cake! Just not the ones in these photos, because I ate them already. Stalk away! I’m a former stalker myself. ;)

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