Funny How a Post About Nothing Can Take You Back to the Past

Ah, what a lovely sunny Sunday morning.

My cup of chai is still too hot (though that doesn’t mean I won’t attempt to drink it and inevitably burn the tip of my tongue. Good thing is that the burning doesn’t last very long anymore). Hmm, why not blog?

I have all these ideas in my head that I would like to write about.

I’ll go to bed thinking how each particular article will flow, word for word. I’ll be up for hours, finessing the exact syntax in my head. When I wake up a little more groggier than usual the next day because “I couldn’t sleep last night,” I’ve forgotten all about it. So I never actually get around to transcribing the previous evening’s thought essay down into actual, you know, written words that could potentially be read.

I wanted to write about Linkin Park and my post-high school transformation, my thoughts on potentially being a mother one day, why criticism might actually tell you more about yourself than you think, my attempt to make chocolate mousse cake the other day (I made the cake and it turned out just fine, but my husband was not as amazed by my secret ingredient as I was hoping we would be *sad face* In hindsight, it was a good thing I didn’t bother taking any photos).

Maybe I’ll get around to writing all of the above some day. I do have at least this written down to serve as a reminder. And perhaps by then, my second attempt at baking a chocolate cake will be more well-received.

Lesson learned: Don’t follow vegan dessert recipes. Ever!

But you know, it is Sunday morning… and I don’t want to have to microwave my chai again (I’m still too lazy to boil milk on the stove top). Ahh, I can hear my mom’s voice, aghast, warning me, “Rafia, chai ku microwave kabhi nai kartay!”

Ah, Sunday mornings :)

2 thoughts on “Funny How a Post About Nothing Can Take You Back to the Past

  1. Omg I know right? Just before sleeping I’ll get this random idea in my head and unless I type it down on my phone, it’s gone for good. Also, doodh patti is the best thing on this planet!!! Chai ko microwave karsakte hai. I promise it’s not terrible. :D

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  2. Doodh Patti is great, but it’s a bit of a luxury. I actually had some last night (I didn’t make it! Hehe) and couldn’t sleep because of it. But boy, was it gooood! Mmmm, chai.

    Thank you!!! I’ll be sure to let all the aunties know next time :)

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