Can I Change My Title to “Writer” Now?

As I mentioned last month, I submitted an article I wrote to The Tempest. I was motivated to write that particular piece after reading an article posted on the site. I didn’t know if my story was publishable, but I thought: “Heck, I’ll just email it to them and see what happens!” I didn’t hear back from them for a few days and figured that was the end of it.

But then, I received an email from their Community Editor. Not only did she really like my piece and was going to forward it to the appropriate Editor, she asked whether I wanted to be one of their regular Section Writers! This was totally unexpected.

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to get into the world of writing. Not having a Journalism or English degree, I wasn’t sure how or if it was even possible (I did once consider enrolling in this writing program though). But after grad school, I’ve started to gain more confidence in my writing. Then I started blogging again… and well, now here I am.

I am proud to say that I am a Section Writer at the The Tempest and my first article was published three days ago!

I did the unthinkable – I married for love

I never thought I would have a love marriage, but that was exactly what was in store for me. Read the article here.


I didn’t tell anybody that I had written this article… other than my husband of course, but that was because he was kinda the subject and I had to know that he was okay with me writing about our story. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how it would be received by others. My family is very private in general and this was basically me telling my entire life story to the world. Some might find it odd, but I’ve found it easier to share details of my life over the internet with people I’ve never met than it is to share them with people I’ve known my entire life. Well, I guess that explains why I blog.

But the response I have gotten from friends and family has been nothing short of overwhelming. It’s gotten so many shares on Facebook and such positive comments even from people I least expected.

As great as it is to have my writing published on a popular (and completely awesome) website, I’m humbled that my story has resonated with so many people. I feel like crying, honestly, thinking of it. It feels so good to finally be able to do something that I love, am relatively good at, and has the potential to inspire others.

24 thoughts on “Can I Change My Title to “Writer” Now?

  1. Congratulation, sis! To get such a positive feedback is really a motivation booster to pursue your dreams. Often people tell you ‘No, you can’t do it, you are not talented/professional or whatever enough…it’s too difficult!’. Don’t care about it. Just do it. If Allah has meant it for you it is going to happen anyway…Salaam!

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  2. Wa salaam Rabia! Thanks for your encouraging comment! I wish I felt this way regardless of feedback, but I am human after all. You are so right about that. What Allah swt has willed cannot be stopped. But we still have to put in the effort!


  3. Hey Rafia! I’m touching thirty and I’ve been through my fair share of bio data exchanges, social criticism, and judgmental attacks! I believe it is Allah’s big master plan that ultimately connects people but I am re-considering Half Our Deen. I’ve tried it twice in the past before to no success but it’s prospering now and it gives you that control you need over your personal life! Thanks for sharing your fairytale. Congrats on becoming a published writer! I’m liking The Tempest! Should I try writing there too?

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  4. Hey, that’s good! If this makes you feel any better, my husband was on it for a while when I found him. How long were you on the previous times? If new people join everyday, the person that is meant for you might be there now! Thanks for the congrats! The Tempest is great. You should totally consider writing for them! I’m sure they’ll love your unique voice. All I did was submit a story I had written, not knowing where it would lead me, and now here I am! Try it!!!! :)


  5. Congratulations MashaAllah! I think you can certainly refer to yourself as a writer now! For the longest time, Ive called myself an aspiring writer, but youve given me motivation to actually submit an article and see what happens!
    Congratulations again, the article is really well-written!

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  6. Oh, you totally should! It’s weird how we seek legitimization, but I’ve found I’m my own worst enemy. If you submit something, you have that as proof — and no one can take that away, self included! Thank you so much :)

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  7. The rewards of writing are many – especially the ability to inspire others through your words. There’s nothing quite like it for the creative mind.

    And of course you are a writer. All you need is permission from yourself. Hey – its about time.

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  8. First of all that picture totally melted my heart and second of all you can totally describe yourself as a writer! congratulations on the new gig!


  9. Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement! It’s beautiful to see Muslim Women writers or contributors in the blogging community. I hope one day I can be a better writer like yourself and I am practicing a lot and that’s a good thing.

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  10. SubhanAllah my sister met her husband on Halfourdeen – I haven’t used it but I’m familiar with the concept and love it. I am so pleased for you masha’Allah – may Allah continue to put barakah in your writing and open doors for you you never thought possible! x

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  11. Awww, thanks Nakida! That’s so sweet of you. Insha’Allah, just continue to write. I never thought I could write before. All it takes is just one person believing in you and you never know where that will lead!


  12. Congratulations! This is a huge step for you I’m sure, you deserve it! Especially when it’s something that you love…i have an english major but I’ve never considered writing to be my talent (I think I’m better off with the food world), but isn’t it just fantastic when you’re in your own comfort zone and doing what you love?


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