A (Sweet) Change in Routine

I did something very un-Rafia-like today.

To say that I was craving chocolate is an understatement. Even when I’m eating chocolate, I’m still craving it.

But after last night’s binge on non-fat plain yogurt – adding honey and cocoa powder can never mask the fact that it’s still non-fat plain yogurt with honey and cocoa powder mixed in – I decided that I would tell that stupid voice in my head to shut up. I have a car, I make money, it’s a nice day, I’m feeling hormonal. Other women use less of an excuse to indulge. Why was I hesitating?

It’s not that I don’t ever indulge. Remember, this blog is named “Cake & Cows.” But my indulgences are always planned, always shared – I never do my indulgences in the middle of the week, by myself, just because.

I almost felt like I was in high school again. When, on more than a few occasions, after 6th period, I would treat myself to a freshly-baked Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookie. This only lasted freshman year. Not because I decided to become healthier sophomore year. But because they stopped selling the cookies.

That was over 10 years ago. A lot has changed since then.

But these past few days, I’ve not been feeling my usual adult-Rafia self.

Instead of quelling my chocolate craving today, I decided that I would listen to it.

My heart was racing as I got ready. I hoped I wouldn’t get a call from work. I didn’t.

When I finally reached The Quirky Feather Confectionery (a whimsical little bakery with PURPLE decor), I didn’t need any time to decide what I wanted. I knew right away: The Mind Control Brownie. I know, I know – it’s not cake. But these brownies are sooo good. Chocolate chip cookie base, a layer of Oreo cookies, then another layer of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, with a brownie topping (no walnuts either!). It has all the mushy, layery and chocolatey goodness that I love about cake. Hey, maybe this is a sign of growth (aside from my waist, of course)!

I’m usually not one to take photos of food that I ordered from restaurants, but I had to document this monumental event.

To go with the Mind Control Brownie, I ordered an Oreo mocha. “Too much chocolate” ain’t something that’s ever been uttered out of my mouth!

I feel like such a rebel. This shall be our little secret, my lovely blog readers!*

*Well, I told my sister, because I had to. And her words were: “Do it… Keep it up, You are worth it.” My mom and dad told me to always listen to my elders.

P.S. Literally 5 minutes after I posted this, my husband walks in and says he has a surprise for me – CHOCOLATE CAKE! I feel like such a naughty little girl.

P.P.S. It’s an OREO chocolate cake. What does this mean, folks? I’m a little scared now.

10 thoughts on “A (Sweet) Change in Routine

  1. I’ve found my chocolate-indulging twin and she lives 4 continents away, you guys. Btw, how did you stop yourself from eating a (presumably) chocolate cake on your wedding?!

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  2. Haha! We are sistahs from another mistah ;) Oh and to answer your question, it was chocolate, no presumptions there! But I didn’t stop myself. While we took our obligatory group photos, the servers assumed I was like other brides and finished with my food! I would have scarfed the cake down then and there, but as a bride, I figured I’d act poised and full of grace in public for once in my life. Never again!


  3. “Not because I decided to become healthier sophomore year. But because they stopped selling the cookies.’ cracked up at this!
    Whoa! Too much chocolat! I love saying Chocolat – it’s a Depp movie and I am a Depp fan. Plus! You should SEE the chocolate in that movie! It is sinfully delicious!
    Wow, that mind control brownie is such a heavenly treat to look at! And the Orea Mocha — bonus points! i always end up binge-eating/sipping at Starbucks and I am on the chubby side of things so I have to silence the rebel in me!

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  4. Ha-ha, that movie was like heaven on earth. I’d say heaven, but then I’m sure some literal Muslim would say astaghfirullah and tell me I watch too much TV. Sorry. The mind control brownie is even better to eat, my sister! Now that I know we’re on the same continent, I’ll tell you to come visit, but then I just remembered that your sister could probably whip you up something even better! Maybe draw captain Jack sparrow on it? Thank you for indulging me, Abbie/Anum? What do you prefer?


  5. Haha. I love your posts. They are so fun to read and always beautifully written with the kind of sense of humor I like. I want my mind controlled by that brownie- it sounds like everything I want (I would like them with walnuts though). And yes listen to your elders- have more treat yourself days!

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  6. Thanks, Shumaila! This really means a lot to know people have fun with my posts. That’s partially my intention, to make people laugh. So I’m glad :)


  7. LOL! cracked me up totally! I never think twice while indulging and there nothing “low fat” in my kitchen. you eat or you dont. no compromise. I was hoping to read something about the shoe in the picture.. :-P

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  8. I think it means a) your husband is the bomb diggity, and/or b) oreos will soon be our overlords. Either way, I say it’s promising and should see where it goes.

    I felt so sad when I read about your cookie-less sophomore year! Sure, I laughed a lot when I read that because you’re a great writer, but that just made me feel worse!

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  9. But the pure coincidence of having two desserts that I love in the same day – and both containing Oreos – felt like it was an ominous sign. But I’m fine now (I guess), so maybe not!

    It’s okay, Laura! I’m sure I found a replacement sophomore year. But those Otis Spunkmeyer cookies sure were darn great!

    You can always laugh at my expense. I encourage it!


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