I Hope I Bump Into Joe Biden!

Today is my 5-month wedding anniversary.

I know 5 months is nothing, relatively-speaking. However, considering how long it took to get to this point – all the waiting, all the tears, all the frustration, all the ill-conceived plans of starting a Muslim-equivalent of a nunnery – if I don’t take a moment to appreciate this, all the prayers I made to God would in essence have been insincere.

Insincere is a word my husband uses a lot. Wow. It’s true what they say – how you come to absorb some of your spouse’s quirks. Come to think of it, my husband now watches cow videos on YouTube!

And I know, 5 months is not even half a year. But I always did have a preference for odd numbers, which is peculiar considering my OCDness. You’d think my number preference would correlate with my insistence on things being symmetrical. Odd numbers defy symmetry. But then again, you need odd numbers to have a star. And being the third child in my family, I am that star.

All jokes aside though, I’ve been saying that 2015 was my best year ever – I co-emceed the Mawlid at UChicago and performed the Burdah (that was a major milestone considering the life-long tumultuous journey to get to that point), I graduated with a Master of Arts degree from UChicago (and I’m okay with the two Bs that I got; it gives those two years some credibility. If I had gotten straight As, I’d refuse to believe it was anything other than a dream), I met Mr. Rafia, got engaged, and then married him wearing a purple lengha (well technically, I married him while I was wearing a white one, but that was a small ceremony and I looked constipated that day).

2015 was the year I did some pretty amazing things.

2016 might just be the year that I see many amazing things.

An unseasoned traveler, in these past 5 months alone I’ve visited San Francisco (technically, we flew in on December 26th of 2015, but I spent the new year eating Ghirardelli and looking at some real estate on this nice little island called Alcatraz), Miami (where I visited one of my closest friends for a post-wedding bachelorette party weekend, during which I experienced the highlight of my life, “salsa” dancing with a cute little 70+-year-old in Little Havana)… and now, I will be visiting Washington, D.C. this coming weekend!

As a Canadian, I don’t quite have the sense of pride that others may have when visiting the nation’s capital, but I’m excited nonetheless. I hope to see Jefferson’s Qur’an at the Library of Congress, visit the National Cathedral, the Smithsonian  Museum of American History (there’s more than one Smithsonian I now know thanks to Pinterest!), do crazy poses in front of all the monuments, meet up a dear friend from Lahore I haven’t seen in almost a year… and possibly a new one whom I’ve never seen (yay for blogging buddies!) – all while wearing my Canada shirt!

I leave tomorrow afternoon.

The next month or so is going to go by quickly – Ramadan always does. Then it’s wedding season. I hope to visit Toronto (my home), Kansas City… and maybe even Disney! But to be honest, I’m willing to wait for that last one. Otherwise, the title of my yet-to-be-written memoir “The Girl Who Never Went to Disneyland (or World)” will have been a betrayal to my readers mom. Also, I think it would be way cuter if I visited for the first time when I’m 80 years old or something. Old people are so cute! Can you imagine that ending? OMG, I’m getting all excited thinking about it.

Whatever happens, it’s been a great five months so far and I’m hoping and praying that I feel the same way about the next seven, God-willing.

See y’all next week! Well, you know what I mean. Have a great Memorial Day or regular weekend ahead, depending on your citizenship! :)

Question for my lovely readers: If any of you have visited Washington, D.C. what are a few places in addition to the above that I MUST visit/eat at (don’t say Georgetown Cupcakes, please)? I’ll only be there for three full days and I know I won’t be able to do everything, but I believe in carpeing the diem and I have every intention to do so!

Thanks for making it to the end of a very scatter-brained post, by the way. I wanted to be sure that I posted something before I left for D.C. – and this is what came out.

15 thoughts on “I Hope I Bump Into Joe Biden!

  1. Happy anniversary! The first 5 months is the longest. ;) You’re coming to my hood! There is a big exhibition at the Renwick Gallery right now that all the cool kids are talking about. And you’re right, don’t go to Georgetown Cupcakes. Bonus: Rolling Thunder always rolls in over Memorial Day weekend, so there will be motorcycles and bikers, but in a good way.

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  2. Happy 5 Months! I just touched 2 months and 1 week :D You seem to be an amazing couple..cheers to many more anniversaries :) (is it going to be 5, 10, 15?) Have fun in DC :) I am heading to San Fran tomorrow to meet my husband for the first time after the wedding !!

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  3. MashaAllah, aww cutely-written,,, what a lovely couple in stunning dress (that purple lenghaa <3 )
    Happy 5 months anniversary, May Allah bless you both and wish u have more lovely memorable journeys.

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  4. :-) scatter-brained post indeed! but enjoyed reading it as your excitement is coming through the words! Have a fabulous time and yes carpe the diem no matter what.. ! Waiting to see your crazy pose pictures..:-P

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  5. Thanks! I haven’t come across Renwick on my Pinterest finds. I’ll check it out. Rolling Thunder sounds like a fun thing to see. I’m sure we won’t miss that.


  6. Awww, thank you, Jan! Anniversaries? I hope it will be a lifetime. I want to be a cute old couple that goes for walks, holding hands. Oooh, have fun in SF! We had such a ball during our honeymoon. Being reunited with your husband, I’m sure you will love it!

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  7. Insha’Allah and thank you! Hehe, I’d love to visit you in Dubai. Do you come to the U.S. often? You should come visit me! Indy or Chicago!


  8. Thank you, Famidha! Haha, I’m looking forward to taking those photos and the write-up after as well.

    On an unrelated note, I tried commenting on your two latest points but for some reason they just disappeared. I tried again this morning and same thing. Has any one else been having issues? Do you know of this? I don’t use Disqus. I think I have to create an account :(


  9. Happy 5 months and to many more 5 months! Looking forward to your travel posts! Have a lot of fun and safe travels! Since I was nosey- I have experienced the same with Famidha’s site when I use my mobile phone to comment. Seen that happen with other sites too- I guess maybe its a disqus thing?

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  10. Ah! I was able to salvage your comment into disqus. It showed up as blogger comment. no idea why. Both your comments are coming from two different accounts.. No one else has complained though. Guest commenting is on.. so creating an account is not truly mandate, however it is better to have an account if you are commenting in disqus blogs! Thank you dear…

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