I’ll Give You a Break If You Give Me a Kit-Kat*

Ramadan Moobarak small

Ramadan is right around the corner.

Since I live in Indiana now, the land of ISNA and its much-maligned calculations, I know that Ramadan will be starting for us on Monday. I hope that my family, who follows hilal (moon sighting), will see the new moon Sunday evening, so that we can begin Ramadan together and hold Eid at the same time. I personally believe in following hilal, as it was the practice of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), but I also have to follow the community in which I live, which I believe is in greater spirit of the law and the manner of his being. But hey, I’m no jurist. What do I know? Is becoming less fiqhy (legalistic) a natural result of being married? It must be. I am wearing pants again.

Since I’m a part of the Muslimah Bloggers group on Facebook, I’ve been coming across so many bloggers and their pre-Ramadan preparations. I haven’t done any. In fact, I feel like since last year, when it comes to my extra acts of worship at least, I’ve lagged. I’m really hoping this Ramadan that I can gain back some of the momentum I had when I was only responsible for taking care of myself. Yes, I’ll blame my husband for this too. Why not? Why else does he exist than to be the target of my failures? ;)

In all seriousness though, I really do want to make the most out of this Ramadan. But I’m a little scared about how much time I’ll have. Not only will these fasts be the longest I’ve ever fasted – 4:30 AM to until after 9 PM – I’ll be away from my family. I’m now responsible for sehri (pre-dawn meal) and iftaar (post-sunset meal). Mr. Rafia says he’s a big boy and can take care of himself. But if that’s the case, why does he only eat breakfast when I prepare it for him, hmmm?

But more than just that though, I’m going to miss the presence of my father and mother and brother. We’re all a little nicer to each other this month and spend more time together (and not all of it’s during meal times either!). I’m going to miss going Eid clothing shopping with my parents and my father’s insistence on wearing new clothes, going to the communal Eid prayer and seeing all my extended family…

As great as all that is though, that’s not what Ramadan is all about. Ramadan is about re-connecting with your Lord in order to strengthen your relationship with Him year-round. I’ve never not needed this, but I really feel this need now more than ever. So all this time is actually a good thing, just as long as I use it properly and keep my thoughts away from what I’ll be eating for iftaar and sehri the next day.

I’m going to try to limit my online presence come Monday. I’m not going to put this blog on hiatus (I’ve had my fill of those), but I may end up not blogging for the next four weeks. So, my non-Muslim readers, I’m (most likely) fine!

Man, just thinking about not eating is making me hungry.

* My title might seem unrelated to this post, but it’s actually a direct result of it. Brownie points if you can figure out my thought process behind it. Sorry, no actual brownies. I ate them all.

6 thoughts on “I’ll Give You a Break If You Give Me a Kit-Kat*

  1. Haha! I should probably stop pestering him. But now, I kinda want a kit-kat. I haven’t had one in years. As I’ve been joking this past week – this week is our Mardi Gras. But a halal one, of course!

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  2. Hey, be nice! Husbands are so for getting you things from the kitchen when you don’t feel like getting up yourself ;).

    Thanks for the heads up about your online presence. Wishing you a very deep and reflective Ramandan. Ramadan kareem, my dear. May it also be the beginning of a new set of traditions that will soon becomee a part of your life.

    (I wasn’t able to figure out the thought process from kit-kat > Ramandan > blog post. But I had a bunch of doughnuts [which weren’t even worth the calories because they were baked and not fried], so I guess it’s a good thing there aren’t any brownies left, haha)

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  3. Festivals are always a tough period to be away from family. The only time I ever fast is during karwachauth and that is enough for me. Will miss your presence on the space and even though I don’t want to give you a break, I will still give you the kitkat!

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  4. Awww, thanks Shumaila! I may be back sooner than I thought. Thank you for the KitKat. Now I have a craving for it. *takes KitKat and holds onto it for 3 hours before scarfing it down*


  5. Hey Laura! For some reason, all your comments were marked as spam!!! Thankfully I checked it just now. Thanks for the wish, Laura!

    Well, since this post is old now, I can reveal. So in my head I was thinking, “I’m taking a break” and obviously because I think in song, I start singing the jingle, “Give me a break…” And then that led me to start responding to the lyric – I like to respond to inanimate things, such as song lyrics. And because I love sweets, it became a sort of an exchange.

    Ooh, baked donuts. Hmmm. BTW, is doughnuts the Canadian way of spelling them? I should start spelling it that way then ;)


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