4 thoughts on “Ain’t Father’s Day without some cake!

  1. I clicked on the tempest link first before your post and it went to the latest story on it captioned I used to pee when I laughed. Lol! That’s sweet that your dad reads all your posts. My dad does too, sometimes I have to be very careful of what I say because I know even if nobody else is reading he for sure is. Loved reading about your relationship with your dad and so sweet he cleans your bathtub. My dad is the official fridge cleaner in my house, and when he visits me, thats what he does first.

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  2. Haha! Same here. It’s strange how in just a matter of a decade I went from trying to hide everything I wrote from him to being not only okay with it, but openly acknowledging that he’s reading my stuff. I’ll actually write things specifically for him now!

    My father has only visited my apartment once since I’ve moved – the bathtub was clean then. I’m awaiting his next visit ;)

    Yay for cleanliness-loving Desi dads!!!


  3. I read the article Rabia! So beautiful almost got teary – maybe because I began to miss my folks. I was mom’s fav during teens and then dad’s in 20s and now after being married I am back with mom! :-P Both of them have seen my worst and I am not too happy about the way I had treated them (read bad temper) but now like you said all they did was show love.

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  4. Ha-ha, I’m Rafia! But that’s okay, Rabia just slips off the tongue, doesn’t it? ;) I’m glad the article resonated with you. As long as you get older and appreciate all that your parents have done, it’s okay. We are all human and all make mistakes!


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