He changed his mind! Why does he always change his mind?

I’m the indecisive planner! Not he!

I had written a lengthy and serious post last evening. But then, Mr. Rafia comes and tells me after its been published, that he’s changed his mind about the very thing which inspired that post! The first thought I have is, “That’s great! I love you and all, but now the conclusion of my post, which I just got done with after working on it for two hours, is untrue. Thanks a lot.”

I couldn’t just edit or remove the conclusion without a major rewrite – the rest of the post was leading up to the very bold and decisive conclusive decision of mine.

Well, very bold and decisive for me, the indecisive planner.

Also, it was after sunset by then, food – not writing – was on my mind. So I just deleted the whole post.

Don’t worry, I’m not back to my purging days. But for my followers who happened to have come across yesterday’s post and wondered where it went: that’s why. Since my mind is like a washing machine, I’m certain I’ll have an occasion to revisit those sentiments some time again in the future. And if not, yay for self-growth !

I could be talking to myself right now for all I know. It wouldn’t be the first time. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably used to the confusion anyway and I love you forever for enabling me!

So for most of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the Cliff Notes version: It’s all Mr. Rafia’s fault. It’s always Mr. Rafia’s fault! >:(

That’s pretty much the moral of this blog story, yeah.

9 thoughts on “He changed his mind! Why does he always change his mind?

  1. Lol! I wished I had read it. Okay I agree.. it is Mr. Rafia’s fault (Now don’t come running to me and say I have right to say that about my husband but not you) Do you feel ‘hangry’ at all during the day?

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  2. Would you like me to blame your husband for something, Jan? ;)

    Not really, I usually feel thirsty and lethargic more than anything. The not eating part is not that bad, really. Although, based on how I eat when I actually do – you wouldn’t be able to tell ;)

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  3. Nope.. that is why I typed in a disclaimer :P It was meant to imply I support you but don’t want to be victim of ‘wife’s wrath’ (esp newly wed). Haha! Being summer I would assume staying hydrated is even more important. Would love to read a humorous piece on your feelings during fasting.

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  4. Oooh, I misread your comment! I wasn’t sure if the I was you or me! Hehe. I’m a newlywed, too, but he’s always teasing me, so this is what Mr. Rafia gets! He knows I love him.


  5. I meant you .. Like you telling me “I can blame Mr. Rafia Jan, but not you” and the newly-wed is you too :D Anyway! I am sure he does, he seems to be a really cool person from what we read from your posts.

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  6. Haha, OMG! I’m sorry. I’m so slow! I wish I could blame lack of food for taking this long to get it… but I’m always this slow. Don’t worry, I allow you to blame Mr. Rafia! He likes the attention ;)


  7. Haha; the best kinds of friendships are the enabling ones, I think.

    Hopefully that day when you revisit those sentiments will come soon! Or not. I’m good either way.

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  8. Awww, I’m sorry! I may yet – the issue is not exactly resolved; I just have to be inspired enough to write it or anything really. And thank you so much for taking the time to catch up on my posts. I really do appreciate it. I’ve been MIA for a while, too. But I think I’m slowly coming back! Have to catch up on all your posts.


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