Eid Moobarak!

I really wanted to write a Ramadan reflection before Eid. But today was a crazy busy day. I felt like Snow White (or Peanut Butter Caramel, in my case), cleaning the entire apartment, rearranging the furniture, adding a dash of purple wherever I could.

And of course, I had this urge to bake.

I can finally say that I am a baker and not just a consumer of baked goods!

This has actually been a semi-serious goal of mine (along with being a Returning Champion on Jeopardy!). I made a dee-lucious Blueberry Cake two weeks ago. I was so proud of it because not only did I pretty much ad lib the entire recipe and made my own last-minute icing (no sugar, all honey, baby) from scratch, it was sweet enough to satiate all my sweet teeth. I’d post the recipe if people are interested. Are y’all interested? I promise, I have no intention of transforming Cake & Cows into a food blog, but now the name of the blog won’t be a complete let-down, eh?

Anyways, since we still have a boat load of dates left and some almonds from our very first grocery shopping trip, I thought I would whip ’em together and start my own Eid-al-Fitr family tradition (the strawberry bread recipe wasn’t actually for Eid – I had scheduled that post a few weeks ago). I don’t like sheer khorma, the warm and thin liquidy “dessert” that my mom makes each Eid for my dad. I’d much rather have those Almond & Date Whole-Wheat Muffins.


Well, as long as they turned out. I won’t share the recipe with you yet, since this is my first time making it and I’m still fasting (so no licking the bowl!). But it’s got the usual suspects – whole wheat flour, honey, fruit…

Oh my God, it’s almost food time! Gotta go…

eid moobarak
Eh, I tried. My sister’s the creative one in the family!

6 thoughts on “Eid Moobarak!

  1. Eid Mubarak to you too Rafia! Ad-libing or in this case eye balling is the best way to learn cooking or baking! :-P You got to break the norm that Baking is science and cooking is art! :-D Hope you had a great time for the first Eid post wedding! I am a sucker for anything with Dates and yeah Sheer Korma kinda liquidy dessert is what my mom makes for every eid! We call it semiya payasam!

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  2. Thank you! Your comment is very encouraging. I guess the major difference is that baking requires much more patience with the experimenting, whereas with cooking, you can easily add in ingredients during the cooking process. Ohh, interesting! Thanks for sharing that with me. There is seviya in sheer khorma, so I take it semiya is seviya?


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