Writing as a way to encourage more writing… hopefully.

I purchased William Zinsser’s On Writing Well from Half Price Books yesterday.

I checked out Bill Roorbach’s Writing Life Stories and Mary Karr’s The Art of Memoir from the library a few days ago – and it looks like Stephen King’s On Writing is finally ready for pick up. I bought the latter for a friend a few years back and ever since then, it’s piqued my interest. But I never had the gumption to read it for myself.

Until now.

I’ve been interested in writing for over a decade (if blogging is a reliable indicator, which I am not sure it is). Only very recently however have I begun to think of myself as a writer… or future writer.

I actually Googled “when to call yourself a writer” the other day. The answers range from yesterday to not-until-you-spend-every-waking-moment-of-the-day-working-on-your craft.

Already, I am feeling completely overwhelmed by the task at hand.  And watching Trumbo yesterday (great film, by the way) certainly isn’t helping calm those voices inside my head.

So, I have to let it out. I am writing to you blog/readers, because I need accountability. I started writing a short story about a week ago – my first real attempt at fiction – and it sucks.

But it’s not going to unsuck unless I continue to write. I am not asking for affected motivational words. But I am seeking acknowledgement of this fact, which I haven’t really fully acknowledged even to myself.

Maybe the more people know, the more motivated I will be to finish my story.

And maybe, just maybe, it won’t suck as bad as it does now, because at least it’ll have an ending.

*Resumes Googling*

13 thoughts on “Writing as a way to encourage more writing… hopefully.

  1. GIRL. I can’t wait to read it! A wise being once said, that the only way to get better at something is to keep at it. I try to write everyday, whatever it is. Whether there’s a plan for an article, fiction or just my thoughts. The more we write – and the more we read (it’s cyclic, I believe) – the more we’ll improve. You can doooo this! And just remember – there are many different kinds of writers out there. Some fiction, some otherwise. You’ll find out the kind that you are soon enough – but never doubt that you aren’t a great one. :)

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  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Naureen! I guess you’re right (like you always are) that it doesn’t matter what kind of writer I am, just as long as I never stop writing. Thank you! *virtual hug*

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  3. Haha i like how you googled it. I also sometimes think that I’m not good enough to be called a good writer. I used to write short stories and people liked them but i don’t know why I’ve stopped now.. Wish i could write again. And yeah keep at it. Keep up the hard work :)


  4. You should get back into it, Shoaib! Doesn’t matter why you stopped. You’re way ahead of me, having actually written stories that people have read and liked! Let that serve as inspiration, inshaAllah! Thanks for your encouragement!

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  5. I don’t know. Maybe someday. Gotta focus on studies. And also I’ve started writing in urdu language and I’m kinda loving it. So yeah let’s see :)

    You’re welcome sister :) stay blessed :)

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  6. Oh, I know that feeling all too well. The only reason I can even think of writing is because I am done with school… for good, I think. That’s great! Too bad I cannot read Urdu though. If you enjoy it, that in it of itself is also a reward. Thank you, Shoaib! You as well :)

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  7. Lucky you :p anyways I’m also gonna get done with studies in a few months Insha’Allah. Professional life ahead.

    Yeah too bad cause I’m good at it :p

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  8. Happy to see fellow writers acknowledge the moment they call themselves writers! On a side note: I love how our name’s are so similar. Just curious if it’s pronounced RAH-fee-uh?

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  9. Hey salaam Rabia! Thanks for leaving a comment! Unfortunately, our names, though spelt very similarly, do not rhyme. It’s pronounced Ruff-ee-aa… Unless your name is pronounced Rub-ee-aa! But I doubt that it is! Either way, our names are close enough for it to be awesome :)

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  10. Salaam Rafia! You’re welcome. Even though our names do not sound the same, yours is still pretty. I’d agree they are both awesome! Mine is more like Rah-bee-uh


  11. You have a very beautiful website. I look forward to coming back and reading more. Please stop by mine and if you like, follow back.


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