Writing as a way to encourage more writing… hopefully.

I purchased William Zinsser’s On Writing Well from Half Price Books yesterday.

I checked out Bill Roorbach’s Writing Life Stories and Mary Karr’s The Art of Memoir from the library a few days ago – and it looks like Stephen King’s On Writing is finally ready for pick up. I bought the latter for a friend a few years back and ever since then, it’s piqued my interest. But I never had the gumption to read it for myself.

Until now.

I’ve been interested in writing for over a decade (if blogging is a reliable indicator, which I am not sure it is). Only very recently however have I begun to think of myself as a writer… or future writer.

I actually Googled “when to call yourself a writer” the other day. The answers range from yesterday to not-until-you-spend-every-waking-moment-of-the-day-working-on-your craft.

Already, I am feeling completely overwhelmed by the task at hand.  And watching Trumbo yesterday (great film, by the way) certainly isn’t helping calm those voices inside my head.

So, I have to let it out. I am writing to you blog/readers, because I need accountability. I started writing a short story about a week ago – my first real attempt at fiction – and it sucks.

But it’s not going to unsuck unless I continue to write. I am not asking for affected motivational words. But I am seeking acknowledgement of this fact, which I haven’t really fully acknowledged even to myself.

Maybe the more people know, the more motivated I will be to finish my story.

And maybe, just maybe, it won’t suck as bad as it does now, because at least it’ll have an ending.

*Resumes Googling*

13 thoughts on “Writing as a way to encourage more writing… hopefully.

  1. GIRL. I can’t wait to read it! A wise being once said, that the only way to get better at something is to keep at it. I try to write everyday, whatever it is. Whether there’s a plan for an article, fiction or just my thoughts. The more we write – and the more we read (it’s cyclic, I believe) – the more we’ll improve. You can doooo this! And just remember – there are many different kinds of writers out there. Some fiction, some otherwise. You’ll find out the kind that you are soon enough – but never doubt that you aren’t a great one. :)

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    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Naureen! I guess you’re right (like you always are) that it doesn’t matter what kind of writer I am, just as long as I never stop writing. Thank you! *virtual hug*

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  2. Haha i like how you googled it. I also sometimes think that I’m not good enough to be called a good writer. I used to write short stories and people liked them but i don’t know why I’ve stopped now.. Wish i could write again. And yeah keep at it. Keep up the hard work :)


    • Hey salaam Rabia! Thanks for leaving a comment! Unfortunately, our names, though spelt very similarly, do not rhyme. It’s pronounced Ruff-ee-aa… Unless your name is pronounced Rub-ee-aa! But I doubt that it is! Either way, our names are close enough for it to be awesome :)

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      • Salaam Rafia! You’re welcome. Even though our names do not sound the same, yours is still pretty. I’d agree they are both awesome! Mine is more like Rah-bee-uh


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