Cake & Cows is finally on Facebook!

I did it!

After almost 6 months of blogging, I decided that Cake & Cows was ready for the next stage in development: her very own Facebook Page.

Yes, Cake & Cows is my baby and she is a girl.

For those of you who are new to the site or haven’t visited in a while (shame on you!), Cake & Cows is a blog I started after getting married, moving to Indianapolis, and all of a sudden, finding myself with no active goals (other than foolishly trying to maintain my weight while frequenting all the local bakeries, which, by the way, I am failing at. My love for cake > my fitness priorities). You can read more about me and this blog here, but basically: I love to write and I write about pretty much anything that comes to mind… with references to cake and cows aplenty!

This is very new for me, but please “like” my page! Pretty please!? If you don’t, you’ll hurt my feelings… and may find yourself the subject of my next blog post! ;)


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