Obligatory blog post from your favoUrite Canadian-American (because I’m most likely the only one you know!)

I find myself in a unique position being a Canadian-born U.S. Citizen. And never more than today: the day the endless cycle that is the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election finally comes to an end – or so we hope.

On Facebook, it’s been a continuous feed of “I’ve voted” status updates and photos. I voted early, so I don’t have any photos from today. But I did want to contribute to the mix by making my temporary profile pic a photo of me wearing my Canada shirt when I visited Washington, D.C. during Memorial Day Weekend. But perhaps it’s a little too tongue-in-cheek for social media. My sense of humour seems to go right over most peoples’ heads.

So, I will post it on my blog.

I post a lot of pics of myself, don’t I?

Ah, I feel better.

I like to make jokes about how no matter what happens, I still have that fail-safe option which allows me to move back to the Motherland. But, as I’ve written before, I am neither wholly Canadian nor wholly American. In ways, I am neither. In ways, I am both.

Mr. Rafia will most likely be up all evening watching the news. I’ll probably head to bed around 10 PM and read my latest book (“You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” by Lee Gutkind – such an apt title for our times) until I fall asleep. I’ll find out who wins tomorrow morning along with everyone else. It’s not nearly as fun watching CNN’s John King play around with his Magic Wall (If there were such a thing as a ‘dream job,’ King would have it).

I don’t have anything substantial to add to the fray with this post (quite honestly, we’ve been hearing the same thing from everyone for the past 500+ days – I’m just practicing my First Amendment Constitutional right as a U.S. Citizen ;). I just wanted to say that today my status as an observer/participant has been more heightened than it usually is. That’s all. Have a great day, y’all!

7 thoughts on “Obligatory blog post from your favoUrite Canadian-American (because I’m most likely the only one you know!)

  1. Keeping you and everyone else in the US in my prayers today. Hope all works out for the best. Canada is rooting for you guys, we are ready to break out the poutine and the timbits, so make us proud America.

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  2. By a proposing a referendum to join Canada? ;) Thank you, Geeky! We need all the duaas we can get. It’s so weird. I’m in the thick of it, and yet I’m not. Perhaps I’m too cynical?

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  3. Gaining America’s brightest in the process might just work out for Canada…so yes bring on the merger. It has been a long, and dreadful election. I don’t blame you for being despondent, I’m not even in the US and I feel exhausted.

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  4. Well the results are out. You might want to exercise your fail-safe option now. Lets wait and watch and hope that sense prevails the new president of the US once he steps into the Oval office.

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  5. Omg, I know! That’s a tall order, Shumaila! But honestly, I’m quite intrigued to see what happens. Is he actually going to make good on what he promised? We shall see.


  6. I am convinced the end of the world is near. 🙈 How did it feel? What was your family’s reaction? So many people I know are in denial or just freaking out about the changes that are to follow.

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  7. Yeah, everyone is freaking out, but I have to say, compared to everyone else, I seem much calmer. Maybe it’s because I worry too much about the little things in my day and I’m just ignoring the inevitable. But I am not shocked and in disbelief. There’s lots of fear and anxiety, which is contagious, but I really don’t fear to be my motivation moving forward.

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