30 in 10!

Usually when you see a title with a bunch of numbers like that, it’s for one of those weight loss gimmicks. LOSE 30 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS! NO DIETING OR EXERCISE REQUIRED! JUST SIT ON YOUR BUTT ALL DAY AND EAT CHEETOS. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO FIND OUT HOW! You know the ones I’m talking aboot, right?

That’s not what this is though. Sorry. Been there done that. The only way to lose weight is to move more than you currently do and eat cardboard.

No. The 30 in 10 I’m referring to in my title is that I’m going to be turning THIRTY YEARS OLD in 10 STINKIN’ DAYS. I just figured that using a a catchy yet misleading title would get people to read this post.

On my 10th birthday, wishing for the day I would turn 30


I’m really excited though. I’ve been waiting to turn thirty for a long time. Not thirty years exactly, but long enough. I used to wish that I could just swing past my 20s, because my 20s were like the growing pain years, you know? I’ve never seen 30 as old. 30 is still young, but like sophisticated and totally together young. My skin is not as clear and smooth as it was 5 years ago, but it might also be because I eat a lot more sugar now (cardboard is sugar-free!).

I remember during the first few weeks of my Master’s program, I attended one of the Wednesday Lunches that the Divinity School holds each week. I sat at a table with a bunch of really friendly, slightly older PhD students. By virtue of being PhD Students, they were so cool. Somehow, we got onto the topic of when life would all come together. I was 26 at the time and they assured me that by the age of 28, everything would make sense. I’d have my own little studio apartment, I’d be on my way to getting my PhD, I would be so immersed in my research I wouldn’t have time to fret about still being single.

But yeah, it didn’t turn out that way. I turned 28. I decided that a PhD just wasn’t for me (at the time. I could pull a Dr. Jill Biden though, right? Then, can I get my Joe? :). I thought about doing chaplaincy since I had a Master’s degree in Religious Studies, but it just didn’t feel right. It was a noble endeavor, just not mine. I did find myself a husband though!

So then I told myself, “By the age of 30, I’ll have it all figured out!”

Well, I have about 10 days to figure life out. But even if it takes another 10 years, at least I’ll look like a sophisticated and dignified adult!

10 thoughts on “30 in 10!

  1. I agree, the 20’s are totally full of angst and best left behind, regardless of how thin we were ;)
    30’s are definitely a time of discovering, learning and being more comfortable in your own skin. I turned 40 on my last birthday and I really think it’s just gong to get better!

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  2. A wonderful outlook on life. This totally reminds me of the movie “13 Going on 30”.
    I tend to think it’s less about the actual number though. Some people have their lives together at 25 and others get things situated at 45. From what I know of you, Rafia, you seem like such a great human being. And I think that accomplishing that is as close to “figuring life out” as anyone can hope to get.

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  3. Aww, you’re such a sweetheart – thank you! I suppose you’re right that age ain’t nuttin’ but a number. I guess there’s beauty in not having it all figured out by the age of 22 or around that time. It’s almost as if by stumbling and making mistakes, you’re experiencing the fullness of what it means to be a human. I’m just pseudo-philosophizing here ;)


  4. Welcome to the gang! 😍 Dont seek to figure out life… because once you do that then life would be boring! Seek to learn in every thing thats around you and happening to you! God bless. You look so cute and still holding the cuteness even now in your 30s (oops! In 10 days! )

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  5. Thanks for the welcome, Famidha! I suppose you’re right about that. The fun in life is when you take it as it comes. Thanks. I aspire to be a cute old buddee one day ;)


  6. Ahahaha. Glad to see Richard on this blog as well. It wouldn’t feel like a proper Rafia blog until he made an appearance.

    Having already passed that milestones, I can confidently say that I have all of life’s secrets figured out. See, what you need to do is [connection lost]

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  7. four days to go! :D *drumroll* I’ve always associated 30 with being way too mature (that was a euphemistic way of saying old, idk why there’s a stigma? – (I’m questioning myself btw) with back breaking responsibilities – BUT. You are the first person in my life whose shown me something vastly different to that. And one of the coolest things I have come to realize with you is that age is a number even with friendships :)

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  8. Haha, but perhaps I’m showing you a bad model that you must NOT follow!? I think life gets better as you get older. It has for me. But it all has to do with perspective. There’s much that I can hold onto and resent, and sometimes I can have my petty moments, but gratitude is so so important. Love you, Naureen!


  9. Hey, you saw it! That’s why I love you, Laura! Well, it’s not the only reason why, but just one of many :) Nooooo, what’s the secret to life? Is your internet back yet? Please tell me. I needz to knooooooow!


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