Happy Birthday To Me!

Isn’t that pathetic that I’m singing Happy Birthday to myself? I’ve had 29 birthdays thus far and I still haven’t reached the point in my life where I am not super excited about having a day that’s all about me. I know only a handful of people care, but I only really care for a handful of people anyway ;) That sounds like something Bilbo would say! :)

Why do people stop caring about their birthdays as they get older? Is it fear of aging? I hope I’m never ashamed of my age. In many ways, I feel like I’ve become more youthful as I’ve gotten older. My skin ain’t as fresh as it used to be and perhaps the real test will be when I start getting wrinkles, but I am okay about it (now). I think of Audrey Hepburn just before she died and she was gorgeous. Well, she was gorgeous when she was young, too.

Never mind.

I get it. After a while, others stop caring and so you take it as a sign that you should too. It’s “the grown-up” thing to do. But you know what I say about that? If others want to be sour puss “adults,” fine. But I refuse to be. You don’t need to have an extravagant gala every year – I never have, but that’s because I have like 2 friends – but I am a big supporter of having just one day in the year that’s all about you. And why not? It’s the only day in the year as an adult that you get that allowance – so take advantage of it! Also, caaaaaake!

Since I can’t be with my sister to celebrate, I told her to give me the next best thing: an illustration by her of a chocolate cake with purple icing!

My youngest nephew is born a day after me. He’s naturally also very excited. Except he’s turning 11. I’ll be 30. We’ve yet to have a weekend birthday extravaganza together, as I’ve been planning for the past 11 years. Perhaps we’ll do it for our mutual milestone birthdays – when he turns 21 and I 40. Although as Muslims, turning 21 has no relevance, at least it shouldn’t.

Where was I going with this post? Honestly, I’m still surprised that y’all haven’t unsubscribed by now. Or maybe you just delete the emails and are too lazy to take one extra step and click the ‘unsubscribe’ button (please don’t, by the way!). If that is the case, I thank you for making me feel like I’m special, whether intended or not.

My husband bought a slice of chocolate cake from Whole Foods for me that I’ve yet to eat because I thought it was THE birthday cake, but he told me about an hour ago that I will be getting my REAL birthday cake tomorrow and the one from Whole Foods is just a teaser. Good thing too, because I think I saw tapioca flour listed in the ingredients. I’m sure I will devour it in a second, but as a proud member of the Gluten-free free club, I need my gluten, especially on my 30th birthday. ETA: I ate it just now. It was pretty good, but it did have that Whole Foods-y taste to it ;)

So yeah, this post was just an excuse to post that beautiful illustration my sister made for me. She’s been patiently waiting to post it on her Instagram account.

Okay, time to go. Mr. Rafia is taking me to see “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” tonight, my first non-musical non-Bollywood live performance :) I’m super excited

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Happiest of birthdays, Rafia! Many happy returns :*. Let us know how the “REAL” birthday cake goes. (Still waiting on those photos of your office, btw heehee)

    Props to your sister! That’s an awesome piece of artwork.

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  2. Thanks, Laura! I’m still waiting for that office along with you :( sadly, it was that one whole foods cake. I did have some cake truffles and this dessert called a chocolate pillow! Is this a sign of maturity? God, I hope not. Maybe there will be cake today? ;)


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAAJI!!! I’m very late but I sent you my good wishes by post (in my head). :D I hope it was fantastic! Which cake did you have!? I see birthdays as a wonderful day where everyone is bound to be nice-r to me. And another excuse to have the calories. Teehee. You are kind, witty and thoughtful – It literally just hit me that the INTERNET has allowed me to forge a sisterhood. Lots of duas for you. Your gift is pending for when we meet. :) Big hug!

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  4. Thank you, Naureen! <3 I ended up only having that Whole Foods cake, but I more than made up for it with 2 "gourmet" desserts and then this thing called a chocolate pillow. Isn't that amazing! The internet made us sisters!!!! I'm so happy to know that you too consider me a sister. I really do hope we will meet one day. Still no chance of visiting the US, eh? ;)


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