Happy Birthday to Cake & Cows! A blog CAN actually make dreams come true

Though I am physically feeling unwell, today is a happy day otherwise*. And since I can’t really do anything else and don’t really take naps, I figured I’d blog.

Today marks the day that Cake & Cows first graced the blogosphere with its presence. Quite like myself, Cake & Cows was the child I could not have foreseen (or planned for), and yet brings me such joy that I can’t imagine my life without it.


I want to, again, thank you, my readers – some of whom have become my friends – for giving me the encouragement to not put this blog on hiatus and eventually delete it, as I did with my previous blogs. As I said before, even if this blog had no readership, I’d still write. In fact, my journal would probably be filled by now. There’s a certain joy however that comes from knowing that what you’ve written will be read. To learn that my blog has actually made people laugh and reflect? It’s like my dreams of being a comedienne and philosopher have come true! I’m like Steve Martin Heidegger.

As a token of appreciation, I’ll give you one more thing to read ;) You know that short story I wrote that I alluded to months ago? It’s finally been published by Blue Minaret! I got the email yesterday. In the midst of pain, it was just the thing I needed. So if you’re interested, please read my story “The Family Stories We Tell Ourselves.” If it’s not already clear, this is my first short story, but I welcome constructive criticism nonetheless. Who knows, maybe I can write fiction? But if I can’t, let me know; it’s better that we nip it in the bud.

Also yesterday, I got a call from Simon & Shuster!

No, it wasn’t to say they wanted to publish my-yet-to-be-completed memoir. A girl can dream though! I had signed up for a free self-publishing guide I stumbled upon. Apparently, they are very serious about helping authors self-publish. The publishing consultant and I talked about my motivations for writing and a bit about my memoir. She’ll be checking in on my progress every 6 weeks until I am ready to publish. Wow. While we were talking, publishing actually felt like a reality. If that’s the case, I better get to writing! She recommended at least 20-30 minutes each day. I was really encouraged by this talk. If you’re an aspiring author like myself, check this link out. And when you get that unknown call and actually happen to pick up that day because you’re not feeling your usual paranoid and/or asocial self and then hear “Simon & Shuster,” it’ll be the greatest thing you’ve heard all day. You can tell people “I got a call from Simon & Shuster” and provide no further context :) Sounds pretty awesome, eh?

It’s kind of weird how all these things converged together around the same time. Of course, I’m always reading into signs that could just be coincidence. But I don’t know if it is. My blog reaches a milestone that no other blog of mine has, the short story that I thought would never see the light of day is actually published, I get encouragement to continue with my memoir from SIMON & SHUSTER! Sorry, I’m still reveling in the fact that someone from Simon & Shuster called me!

Feeling like a true-blue writer might actually be the best treat I could get for this special day – but I’ll take the cake, too ;)

*It’s also my dad’s birthday today. One could argue that if it weren’t for him (and my mom… and God), none of this blog stuff would have even been possible, because, like, I wouldn’t exist.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Cake & Cows! A blog CAN actually make dreams come true

  1. Too many good news in one! MashaAllah! Hope to read more and keep this space to reflect you and your personality even when you go through changes – like that is inevitable – you may not like cake in your 50s – just saying – so be true to you than to a blog title. When your book gets published, I will be proud to say – I know her! :-) CONGRATULATIONS once again.. and for all that is yet to come!

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  2. Oh no! Do not curse me, Famidha! But that could happen, I suppose. It would be better for my weight if it did ;) Thank you, darling!


  3. Sooo happy for you baji!!! I read your story – and I absolutely loved it! Seriously. I loved it. No bias, I promise. It was also just the thing I needed to read. It was easy to follow and it had a great lesson in it. Happy 1st birthday to your little baby and your dad! May you both continue to reach greater heights iA. And hope you feel better! Virtually sending you a hug & some strawberry oatmeal bars straight from the oven wrapped in twine <3

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  4. Really? Thank you! I feel like you have to be Desi to truly get it, but that’s okay. For far too long have we POC been forced to enter the minds of white narrators/characters. Haha! I sound like a firebrand, don’t I? Ameen, ameen. Thank you so much! Mmmm, strawberry oatmeal bars :)


  5. First of all, congrats my dear Rafia for getting your story published. I enjoyed reading your story, it was heart wrenchingly sweet and so very human. I couldn’t help but feel for Zubee ( I love that nickname by the way ). Families are both a source of endless love and endless issues. Zubeida’s attempt to rise above the anger and the pain to find herself instead is no doubt a journey that will resonate with many. Bravo, well done Rafia.

    Simon and Shuster….WOW, that’s big my friend. Congrats on that front too. Wishing you all the luck in the world as you undertake this new endeavour. Keep us posted on how things progress. Keep doing you Rafia, you rock my friend <3

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  6. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on my story, Geeky! I really really appreciate the time you took to read it and I’m glad that you liked it. Love you, sister! <3

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  7. Congratulations on all this wonderful news!! You have worked so hard and my heart of overjoyed that you’re getting to enjoy the fruits of your labours….. for a little while at least, then it’s back to work! :D

    *bookmarks Blue Minaret link gleefully*

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