1 Reason Why I Hate Listicles

  1. Because they are stupid and useless.

God, if I see another listicle being posed as writing, I swear I’m going to… blog about it!

I’ve always known I’m an oddball. I was that one kid who couldn’t wait for recess to end so that I could go back inside the classroom.

I’m still like that to this day. Generally, I don’t really care for things others rave about. If someone tells me something is SOOO GOOD, I end up regretting listening to said person. There are, of course, exceptions to this: The Lord of The Rings really was SOOO GOOD. So, it’s not like I’m not willing to be wrong.

I don’t know why I am the way I am. Is it because I like to consider myself different OR have I learned to embrace my difference? Or maybe I’m just… difficult.

But that could be its own post. Let’s get back to listicles.

I HATE LISTICLES! And we’re seeing them everywhere! Even really nice people, whom I have nothing against otherwise, are doing it. I feel like I’m the loser kid with no friends again. The blogosphere was my one refuge on this planet. But it’s changed. It’s changed oh so much. And I’m not entirely sure I like this change.

My hatred for listicles, however, goes deeper than the form itself. It’s what they represent. Facile, one-size-fits-all solutions to problems, some of which are legitimate and others which are not. I’m sorry, but “38 different lipstick shades you absolutely MUST try this spring” does not need to exist. I only have one lipstick, which I took from my sister by the way, and you know what? I’m fine.

You might say, “Well, you’re being a hypocrite, because I saw you liking that one article on Brain Pickings about Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 rules for writing.”

Okay, touche.

But you know what? He’s Kurt Vonnegut. He’s earned that right!

I suppose, in the end, it’s just a matter of different tastes and I have to accept that. But the more I see and observe of the world, the more I wish I could go back to class.

[End of Rant]

Dear Readers: If this is the first post of mine you’re reading, I promise, I’m a really nice person usually. But we all have those days, right? And what’s a blog for if you’re only showing the happy-go-lucky side of life, eh?

9 thoughts on “1 Reason Why I Hate Listicles

  1. This actually made me laugh out loud! Haha. It’s ironic because I’m currently in a class where our teacher has stated many times that the most successful blogs (with the most traffic) generally have these very listicles (love this word.) An assignment was actually to write one ourselves, so I did. And I hated it. hahaah. I feel you *fist bump*

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  2. And that is why, among many other reasons, why my blog has never been and most likely never will be popular or successful. My husband and I were discussing this and I told him “I’d rather write my truth than be popular.” *Fist bumps back* We are sisters, Suma, you and I!

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  3. Looool, I actually had to google the word “listicle”, I had no idea what it was (embarrassing, I know). I see a lot of these lists floating around and most of the time the subject matter is something I have 0 interest in (38 different lipstick shades you absolutely MUST try this spring….don’t care, I don’t own any lipstick so…). However, when it is something I’m interested in (50 best novels of French literature, 10 must see science fiction shows, 5 interesting archeological finds etc….) I’m all in. It is not a style of writing that is suited for every topic, but if it is about introducing people to something new and giving them pointers as to where they should start, it works quite well. It is concise and clear enough.

    Where I will agree with you though is that it shouldn’t replace in-depth writing and more complex articles. The idea that writers are being told to write in this form just so they can increase their chances of being published is WRONG, so very WRONG.


  4. I thought I had coined the term, but apparently not. Boohoo. Lol. I get what you mean. It can be useful for some things, but I’m seeing it everywhere. And I was feeling particularly pms-y when I wrote this post. My husband says it was too emotionally-charged. Damn right it was! I feel kind bad for sipping on the haterade. Oh well. I’m not perfect. Lol!

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  5. Loool, ain’t nothing wrong with pms related haterade. I keep seeing the listicles everywhere too, it is probably the latest writing trend. Honestly, anything being done ad nauseam gets on my nerves pretty quickly, ughhh. Here’s to hoping this trend loses its appeal very soon.

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  6. Thanks for the affirmation! I was feeling bad for being so critical. I sure do hope so. But my fear is that they’ll only be replaced with something even worse! Haha!

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  7. I don’t know how to feel when reading this because I was reminded of my birthday post LOL. They are good, as Ms Geeky said as pointers or guides and cater to different tastes. Its just another form of writing for a specific audience but can never replace articles with more substance. There’s an audience for almost everything on this planet tbh haha. 3 reasons why I love your blog? 1. It has fresh content. 2. I relate to it. 3. I love how everything just ties together and gives me greater perspective in my life! Haha, see? Did you enjoy this mini listicle? Teehee!

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  8. I love you, Naureen! I might have to give listicles another chance after that! ;) But to be more concise (I realize my post was a very large and perhaps unfair generalization), I don’t consider that a listicle, if that makes you feel any better. It’s those one-size fits all “THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO_____” blog posts that grate me.


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