The end of April seems to be fortuitous

It’s not very often that Facebook inspires me in a positive way, but it did this morning when I decided to click on that “On This Day” link in the sidebar just ’cause.

For today, I was reminded that on this day one year ago, my first ever article was published (Well, technically it was published on the 27th – but by the time people saw it, the 27 had turned into a 28).

366 days ago, I wasn’t sure if I could be a writer.

Today, I feel as if all my life experiences (and indecisive planning) were leading me up to this revelation: I am a writer and always have been one.

That’s a cause for celebration, right? I’ll take some chocolate cake, please and thank you.

There’s more though. I can’t help but think there’s something auspicious about this day in particular. Because this morning, I received another notification that had me jumping for joy.

About a week ago, I learned that a blog I’ve been following was holding a guest post contest. Of course, Mr. Rafia, who discovered the vlogger behind this blog during one of his late-night Let’s-Bother-My-Wife-While-She’s-Reading YouTube sessions, told me to enter. I was like, “Yeah, yeah, what is the likelihood of me getting selected?” But Mr. Rafia, if you know him, is quite the persistent fellow. So I entered just to get him to shut up.

Well, guest what? I was selected! My blog entry will be posted on May 12th. I’m excited, but also a bit nervous. This could potentially draw in more readers… or not. It might have absolutely no effect at all. But I see my entry (and having it selected) as a mini-milestone and affirmation that I must continue to write.

Perhaps that idea that suddenly came to me while sitting on the loo this past week has promise to turn into a book after all!

I know I read too much into signs, but I can’t help but think: “Where will I find myself next year around this time?”

Hopefully, I’ll still be writing.

P.S. If you’re a writer, I’d recommend you follow Ava Jae’s blog Writability. She has a charmingly quirky personality and her vlogs are succinct, engaging, and informative for newbies like myself wanting to break into the world of fiction writing.

9 thoughts on “The end of April seems to be fortuitous

  1. This is awesome, Rafia! Congratulations! And I will bring the ice cream to go with the cake!

    By the way, I laughed so hard when you shared about your husband interrupting your reading. Mine does the same thing. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha! I wonder if that’s what all husbands do. But I suppose we irritate our husbands too, right? No of course not. It’s just the husbands! ;)

    Liked by 2 people

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