My ‘Duh’ Epiphany of the Day: Making Decisions is Hard for An Indecisive Planner

You know, when you start a project, you want it to go well. (Um, why would you start one hoping to fail, Rafia?)

I know failure’s a fact of life, but no one ever starts a project with the intention of failing.

When things, however, don’t go according to plan – and you’re answerable to more than just yourself – you can’t help but feel it’s all your fault.

You know it’s not your fault, but when you’re the one leading the project, especially if you’re a highly sensitive person, you will take it personally regardless. Because in the end, it’s YOUR name on the line.

I think I learned a lesson in resilience today, folks. Sure, I spent the past few hours in panic mode, scrambling to make sure that everyone was on board with the decision no one wanted to make but couldn’t really escape.

If I were anyone else, I would say “It is what it is.” But I am not anyone else (I hate dislike that phrase very strongly), so I will not say it… but yeah, pretty much.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make everyone happy. Sometimes, a decision just has to be made.

Ah, event management. Is it not but a compacted metaphor for life itself?

9 thoughts on “My ‘Duh’ Epiphany of the Day: Making Decisions is Hard for An Indecisive Planner

  1. Your writing always gives me the little jostle I need. Your first sentence made me smile, as your writing usually does, and that really set the tone for the rest of the post. :)
    …sometimes I wonder if we’re too nice to each other

    Project management is infamous for being a field where it’s almost a good thing not to please everyone. It’s healthy to have disagreements, in my opinion. Things would be boring if everyone worked well together, no?

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  2. I *dread* project management. I’d be the absolute worst at it. You had to do what you had to do, and it’ll be ok! I understand your need to take on the responsibility for its success/failure. But don’t be so tough on yourself. At least you’ve learnt a lesson for the future.

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  3. You are definitely too nice to me, Suma! While I acknowledge that having everyone on a team agree with decisions is probably unlikely, I’m more than okay with boring. I would like for people to work well together. I don’t need to best friends, but I would hate knowing that someone had issues with me. I’m the perfectionist, only I can have issues with people lol ;)


  4. I hope I’ve learned the lesson for the future, but something tells me I’ll have these same thoughts recur next month. Haha. I’m doing okay now though. I definitely needed to sleep on it. It’s amazing how time can make even the biggest problem seem so insignificant, eh?


  5. I feel like I know what you mean. Planning something on a large scale, when other people are involved, is so much pressure. You always take the losses the hardest. And even though you know it’s because you’re more invested than everyone else, somehow it doesn’t always make you feel better, but can even make you feel a little worse.

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  6. I hate to think that I’m on the only one invested in this project, because I know it’s not true. But it’s kinda my baby, so I take it more personally than others I think. Also, I’m pretty new to this, relatively speaking. Thanks for commenting, Ayah! :)


  7. Yes, you can’t please everyone and well sometimes in spite all your hard work and good intentions, things don’t go as planned. It is important that we don’t forget the lessons learnt, but at the end you just need to let go off things and move forward, else you will never create anything if you let failures bring you down.

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  8. Yes, I need to work on remembering when this happens again in the future (because it will) that it will be ok in the end. I struggle with that. I think the more I do this kind of work, the better I’ll get with dealing with the stress. Thanks for your comment, Shumaila! :)


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