Friday Date Night at the Dairy Farm!

Mr. Rafia and I had a little date night yesterday… at the local dairy farm! It was actually the second time we’ve gone to Traders Point Creamery in the past three weeks, but yesterday was so nice and sunny and I even got to see the cows right before milking time, something I had not witnessed during my previous two visits.

Let me tell ya: IT WAS AMAZING!

Normally, I would never think to update my social media presence with random photos of cows (although if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll notice recently the only thing I do on the site is “like” pictures of cows), but you know what? This blog is named Cake & Cows and I haven’t blogged about cows in a while, so… You’re welcome.

I love cows (obviously), but lately, my love for cows has taken over my life almost completely. Most of my leisurely internet time is spent looking and fawning over pictures of cows. Cows make me happy, like babies make a normal person happy. I’m beyond the point of thinking there’s something wrong with me.

So, when Mr. Rafia asked me whether we should go to Traders Point Creamery, I was like, “Ummm, yeah.” It’s the only time I am totally okay with last-minute decisions on what to do/where to go. I can always use more cows in my life!

But when we got to the farm, there were none in sight where they normally lounge around. It’s hard being a cow, OK? They eat grass and poop all day. In their stead were a nasty runt of little oinkers (As a practicing Muslim, I do not like oinkers and I will not apologize for this, no). So you can imagine the smile I had all the way through our drive to the farm instantly turning into silent rage.

But then I noticed some movement way out in the fields. There were the cows! They were walking the trail back to the milking station. Aww, cows do exercise! I ran as close to the metal fence as I could get. I was eating ice cream at the time, so I wasn’t able to get a photo of it, but one cow even mooed at me and Mr. Rafia. We both got a bit of a fright – it was glorious.

Of course, I can’t leave y’all hanging. We did get some photos. I actually have more, but I realize going through 20 photos of cows is probably only interesting to me and people like me. So here are just a few highlights:

The cows “cooling down” from their workout
Waiting to be milked. A couple of them peed, just like that. It was pretty funny. I am 6 years old.
A new mommy and one of her calves.
This one was quite the bully, pushing the others to get grass. I was literally 5 feet away from her. I wanted to pet her, but I was slightly afraid she’d attempt to eat the grass I was standing on.
Other than the sun in my eyes and Mr. Rafia’s shadow completely ruining the picture, this is me and my new friend, whom I shall name “Glutton.” We bonded over our mutual insatiable appetites.

Fellas, looking to take your own woman on a nice date? Look no further than a dairy farm… and you’ll probably get dumped. But not me, no. Other than a bakery and library/book store, no place makes me happier!

I am, like, the luckiest woman on the planet.

7 thoughts on “Friday Date Night at the Dairy Farm!

  1. I wish there was a dairy farm closer to us. My New Year’s resolution this year was to cut back food packaging so I’ve been getting glass bottled milk but no place has glass bottled cream! There are so many things I want to make with cream!

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  2. I have never met anyone of my generation crazy mad about cows. :-) I think the last person I know who loved and had goats as pets was my granny. She no longer does due to oldage. But I am still amazed and you actually make me look at cows in a totally different perspective. Like I would never give them a second look but your pictures here and the write up is so full of vigour. Love your love for cows.

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  3. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased cream, although lately I’ve been adding half and half in my tea. So good! Do you reuse your glass containers/bottles, then?


  4. Technically, you haven’t met me ;) I’m so honored to know that I have gotten you to change your perspective on cows. Wow! I think cows get a bad rep for being pollutants and doing nothing but eat and poop. The former is because of humans and their love for “beef” and the second, well the second is true, but cows provide so much and unlike the stereotype, they are actually intelligent animals. I’m glad that you love my love for cows. I love my love for cows, too :)


  5. You should definitely go! There’s no entrance fee to see the cows and they have a pretty nice restaurant and dairy bar, if the cows aren’t reason enough to go! ;)

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