Happy Birthday to my hero, D.W.

As you may or may not be aware, it is D.W.’s birthday on Monday, May 29th!

Since this blog has proven itself to be pretty much the place I write about the crazy things I love, I figured it was high-time for me to write about my love for the PBS show Arthur – specifically one character, Dora Winifred Read, i.e. D.W.

Photo Credit: D.W. Read on FB


I first started watching Arthur when I was just 1 year older than that a-a-r-d-v-a-r-k (he’s an aardvark for all of you living under a rock). I am now 22 years older than Arthur. Have I been watching the show religiously for 21 years? Well, no. I’m still rather miffed the children who voiced the main characters in the first few seasons just had to grow up. Michaeal Yarmush, why did you grow up? WHY? Why can’t all animated shows be voiced by adults who can sound like kids, a la the Simpsons?

I digress. Even though I don’t watch the newer episodes as often as the fangirl in me should, I’ve retained my love for the show. Along with my LotR and SpongeBob references, I will often refer to Arthur quotes when I must make conversation with other humanoids. Of course, people get those references even less than my LotR and SpongeBob ones, but that doesn’t stop me, no!

I’ve always resonated with D.W., who is Arthur’s little sister. As a little sister myself, the connection was instant. She understood and was able to personify the real struggle of not being the first-born. We share other things in common – we both have and/or have had an imaginary friend (D.W.’s is Nadine and mine is was April).

But D.W. is also a really complex character, displaying bouts of jealousy toward her on-again, off-again best friend Emily. I mean, Emily is pretty pretentious, so I would hate-love her French-speaking butt, as well.

What I love most about D.W. is how she manages to always irritate her older brother by just being her awesome self. This has to be my favourite scene/song.

Also, her favourite show is a show called “Mary Moo-Cow,” who just so happens to be a purple-spotted cow!

Now, if Marc Brown wasn’t thinking of me when he created this delightful character, I don’t know.

Photo Credit: D.W. Read on FB

In addition to these qualities D.W. and I share, what I have always loved is the confidence this 4-year-old little girl possesses. She is a BOSS in every sense of the word, and I have often referred to her (and Richard Simmons) as my inspiration for life. I am not kidding. I would like to grow up to be the kind of woman a 4-year-old fictional character is.

Photo Credit: D.W. Read on FB

Just follow D.W. on Facebook already, aight? Along with the various cow pages I follow, D.W. is THE source of my joy whenever I inevitably log onto social media despite knowing that I probably should not.

What fictional character(s) do you love/resonate with so much you wish you could be? Or am I the only one? Super heroes do not count, sorry. Be a little bit more creative, please. Thanks.

Have a lovely weekend, all! :)

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my hero, D.W.

  1. Yoko Tsuno. She is an amazing character who is an absolute badass. What I always loved about her is the fact that she is not at all sexualized in anyway (as too often female characters are in comic books), instead what the stories put the emphasis on is her wits, her compassion, and of course her ability to kick ass and take names while doing it.

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  2. Of course leave it to the Internet to ruin anything (sigh). Please ignore the disgusting deviant art portraits of Yoko Tsuno when you google for her images. They have absolutely nothing to do with the actual albums written by Yoko’s creator Roger Leloup. I just can’t fathom why anyone would want to sexualize a character essentially meant for kids and teenagers….ugh!

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  3. This is the first time coming across this character/series. Would this be considered anime? I used to watch a little bit of Hamtaro (I have a thing for cute animals marketed towards 5-year-olds, lol). Whenever I see the name Yoko, I always think of Ono. Lol, probably not the inspiration for this character!

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  4. Ugh, tell me about it. I used to frequent DeviantArt back in the day and that’s where I came across hentai and a lot of really frankly disgusting fanart. I still don’t get it. Mr. Rafia thinks I am too innocent. But in this case, being innocent is a good thing, right?

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  5. I use to love Hamtaro lol. So cute, who can resist him? Yoko Tsuno was created by a Belgian comic book writer. The series is not considered anime but belongs rather to what is known as Franco-Belgian comics. They usually have a hardcover and resemble a lot more what is known as graphic novels in North America. They tend to focus a lot more on “normal people” having extraordinary adventures then say superheroes. Roger Leloup created Yoko Tsuno because he wanted to write stories that both boys and girls could enjoy. He also wanted her to be a POC so she would have a wider appeal to non-European audiences. I still read Yoko and other Franco-Belgian comics…to my mother’s dismay lol….I find them to be a lot more interesting then the superhero driven comic books so popular in North America.


  6. Trust me the first time I came across Hentai, I silently wept for humanity…..seriously what in the world is wrong with our species?? Honestly, I think a healthy dose of innocence is necessary where certain things are concerned. I rather not know some of the seedier aspects of human behaviour and sleep soundly at night. While I support both fan fiction and fanart as genuine outlets of artistic expression, I’m always shocked by how far some people take said artistic expression. I proudly call myself a prude where certain things are concerned. I’m not the judgemental type usually, but I will give certain proclivities a side-eye :D

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