Everyday should be Cow Appreciation Day!

Today is Cow Appreciation Day, folks!

I’m aware that many reading this may not be familiar with #CowAppreciationDay‬, but as I replied to my friend earlier today, I didn’t make it up. It’s actually a thing! Finally, a day where I can put my bovine love on full display and receive comments such as, “You win at life!”

Okay, so the dude did not say “at life”… but he didn’t need to. I knew what he was talkin’ aboot.

To be honest, I don’t frequent Chik-Fil-A and I’m not saying that to be politically correct, either; they don’t have any seafood or vegetarian options, so all I’ve ever eaten before today are their waffle fries (mmmm, waffles). But because of their frankly brilliant marketing – and I don’t say this lightly – I’m a fan. If you haven’t seen their commercials, you need to get out from that rock just for a few minutes and watch those videos. This one is my personal fave – cows listening to Tchaikovsky! Perfecto!

So, when I learned that today was…IS Cow Appreciation Day and that I could get a free entree (waffle fries and chocolate shakes included, yes!) if I wore some kind of cow paraphernalia, I decided I was gonna go all out.

I made a big mistake NOT purchasing that cow onesie from Wal-Mart when I had the chance two years ago, but luckily the cow t-shirt Mr. Rafia got for my birthday this year would be my ticket to waffle gold! Also, I’d bring Mufia along with me. My little calf has not had a day out since we moved into the new place.

Still, this was the one day (outside of Halloween) where I could dress up like a cow in this country in public! How could I not do more? I had to do something big! I have a blog called Cake & Cows! I mean, come on!

Also, Abbie over at Abbie’s Adventure Diaries reassured me that this entire enterprise would make a great blog post. Thank you for your encouragement, Abbie! <3

But being the cheeeep Desi I am, I didn’t want to spend any (more) money though. So I decided to use my little grey cells, which I learned from being my sister’s shadow, and be creative. UNLEASH TAPE GIRL!

I daresay it myself – I think I might be a genius! All of this was done today. No prior planning.

I got to eat waffle fries, drink a chocolate milkshake, and dress like a cow in public! What a moovelous day, indeed.

26 thoughts on “Everyday should be Cow Appreciation Day!

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am in this post! *dances around* and you made my day! Trust me I had a tough one. This has got to be the most daring, most amazing adventure from you Raf! Seriously, I cannot go this wild. Where has Mufia come from, I must know! Love what you’ve done to Cow-fy your pants! *giggles*

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  2. You are the only one I know of who has crazy love for Cows and it can be true too. :-) Loook at you! Only your love for Cow could make you come up with all those cowfyied ideas! I came out of the rock (a huge one) and watched the videos… marketing is that one! Mufia is adorable!

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  3. Yes, I felt the same way when I found out. But my husband asked me, “Do you think all those people really love cows?” It’s because they love their chicken sandwiches. I don’t because they’re no zhabihah, but I LOVE THE COWS! Thanks for coming out of the rock to watch the videos. I hope you enjoyed your time in the sun ;)


  4. Yes, I have to give you credit. You gave me the motivation to not work yesterday morning! Thanks. That’s a real compliment from Abbie The Adventure Lady!!!!! <3. I got the cow from Kohl's years ago (only $5). Before I met Mr. Rafia, her name was Bessie. But instead of me actually changing my name, I decided we could change the cow's name. Mufia is a portmanteau of my husband's name, Musa, and mine. LOL. Mufia is our Brangelina!


  5. Thanks, Geeky! And unlike other people that hail from the land of my people, I am not required to do this. LOL, sorry. There just HAS to be an India joke in there somewhere.

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  6. Bahahah leave it to you to inform me of this day that I never knew existed. I love how much you love it :)
    We need more people with a passion for things that are undervalued.

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  7. OOOOOOOOOOO! And I was thinking the ‘Mu’ is from ‘Moo’ – Mufia is even better now! I know those cute cuddlies Kohl’s sells. They’re under the Kohl’s Care name and their proceeds go to charity. Wow! I have 3 doggies from there! haha!

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  8. Yessss! Kohl’s Cares for Kids! I haven’t been to Kohl’s in AGES (My parents would literally go there EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. I am all Kohled out), but they had some really cute stuffed toys! And $5 too. The cheeeep Desi in me loves that ;)


  9. You know, before I moved to Indy, I’d never stepped foot into a Chik-fil-A. It’s alright! Thank you for your encouragement. I live to serve to fill this void! :)


  10. Omg that outfit is so nice and I was kinda disappointed Muffia isn’t a real calf coz that would be so cute… Also you’ll LOVE India (You know why I’m saying this ;)) Every day is Cow Appreciation Day.

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  11. Lmaooo this is so cute!!! You are adorable. Another reason for you to love India, just btw. Haha! Im going to go have some fries now, because you can never ignore even a minor excuse to indulge in POTATOES! (i love them, they’re so versatile) Loool. :D

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  12. Lol, haha! Thank you. I think the fact that cows are associated with India also adds to the appeal. But the fact that people still still think I’m Hindu! I’m just, I don’t know what to say. Did you know yesterday was World French Fries Day or something? My sister looks potatoes. I learned this from her.


  13. If people confuse you for a Hindu despite the headscarf I really dont know what to say, Lol! AND, I DID know that haha! And dyou know why? Because here, some fast food places were giving away free fries!

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