I wish I were born just 10 years earlier!

If you haven’t already surmised, I hate being a “millennial.” I think it’s an unfair lumping that I had absolutely no choice over. The rest of my siblings are not part of this Generation Y, so why am I? Really, mom and dad! REALLY?

I mean, because my best friend for pretty much all thirty years of my life is 13 years older than me (i.e. my sis), it’s natural that I would act, know about, and be interested in things that people of my generation just don’t have the institutional memory of. Their parents are, like, my sister’s age! Kidding, Baajoonoos! You are ageless <3

But it’s not just my musical interests and insane knowledge of ’80s and early ’90s pop-culture that reinforces my oddity compared to people my age, it’s also the social media culture in which we live. I feel that if you were born in the ’70s or earlier (perhaps even early ’80s), you can claim ignorance and still function and be acknowledged as a normal human being. I was discussing this with a friend of mine a few weeks ago – she’s older and also not on social media – and she reinforced what I already guessed to be true: that my generation really can’t get around social media without being considered a pariah. It’s not just socially either; it affects your professional life, as well! I may be a bit odd, but I still gots to eat like everyone else!

I’ve been a pariah for a good chunk of my adolescence and early adulthood. I only rejoined Facebook after 5 years of being off it because I handle my work’s social media accounts. It’s not my work’s fault that I am privy to these online arguments between public figures I “follow” or have the privilege of reading comments essentially stating that not liking something that has a million hits somehow makes you a bigot. Does no one have an appreciation for decency or aesthetics anymore?

Social media is like a gateway drug. Okay, that’s harsh. It’s more like sugar. Once you get it, you can’t stop (me, anyway – I don’t understand you “savoury” people). And I literally have to pause to stop myself from making some banal “status update” that no one cares about… because I am not a public figure or even close to it.

I am aware that in this day and age, one only need make a controversial comment or decision and then BAM, you’re as famous as Emeril (or as famous as he used to be).

Still, I hold on to the foolish belief that if I ever become famous it’s because I achieved world peace.

P.S. My blog is my status update.

7 thoughts on “I wish I were born just 10 years earlier!

  1. It’s creepy how much we have in common. I never really thought about it, but I guess I’m the only millennial out of all my siblings too, though I despise that term. My older sister, 12 years older than me, is also extremely close to me, more than most others. Have we talked about this before? I feel like we have….
    I spent a lot of time hating the period that I’m living in. I mean…just look at the news for .2 seconds and you’ll be disgusted. We’re alive during the same time that a hashtag like ‘Black Lives Matter” has the need to exist. I’m sure we all thought that we’d have figured this stuff out by 2017.
    My closest friends aren’t social media junkies either, and at times we tend to live in the past because it was just so much better. But I guess we’re alive when we were meant to be alive.
    And you definitely don’t seem like a pariah.

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  2. I think we may have. Because you and I are often being reinforced by the other’s writings on how similar we are! There’s this movie by Woody Allen (I know) that totally spoke to me, “Midnight in Paris.” If you haven’t seen it yet, you should give it a try. The main character is a writer who is also obsessed with the past. LOL. I guess pariah may be a bit of an exaggerate, but I am prone to exaggeration. Although that alone would completely discredit me as a writer. How’s your writing coming along, by the way?

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  3. To put it simply, it’s not. I felt like I was forcing it so I kind of skidded to a halt. I’ll get my motivation back soon enough though. What about yours?


  4. Hello your friendly neighbourhood Gen Xer here reporting for duty :) You have no idea how strange the 21st century feels to me on so many levels. The 90s were a mere 20 years or so and yet it feels like a completely different world. While nostalgia has a way of making the past all rosy and great, I must say that the pre-Internet world was vastly different from that of today. To me though, it is just the general ambiance of the post-Internet world that leaves me nostalgic for the 80s and 90s. I can’t help but feel that humanity has lost so much of its innocence in this day and age where everything is being shared, retweeted a thousand times, liked and disliked. Children are being exposed to too much too soon and growing up with a certain cynicism that leaves them quite blaze about almost everything. Adults are engaging in behaviours that defy all sense or reason. The more juvenile the behaviour the better. In fact, while our kids are growing up too fast, adults are stagnating in infantile behaviours. This is bleeding into our literature, music, movies/tv shows. There is a reason why 80s and 90s movies have a completely different feel than today’s movies. We are no longer in the same headspace I’m afraid. My friends (who are a fun bag of Gen Xers and millennials) and I have noticed that often when we go for a cup of coffee we are usually the only ones not on their phones. You literally came out to hang out with your friends, why are you on your phone???? Who are you talking to??? What is more interesting than having a convo with your girls??? So many questions come to mind when I see that. The art of face to face conversations is rapidly getting lost.

    As far as social media goes, I think I’ve mentioned before that Facebook is the only platform I’m on. I like to keep my contacts to 30-40 folks who usually are people I know in real life or folks I met online (like your lovely self) and immediately connected with. Twitter is beyond bizarre to me. What is its purpose again? What is so special about sharing your thoughts in 140 words??? It usually just leads to misunderstandings and the inevitable twitter drag to follow. Tumbler, I am convinced is located atop a fissure in the space time continuum that has festered into a gaping wound with time. This is the only possible explanation for all the craziness that oozes out of that abomination. Instagram, what art thou exactly? I’m asking for a friend…..In general, social media seems unnecessary to me. I often fantasize about what our world would be like if the Internet just disappeared (that would make a great premise for a short story right?). Imagine the massive social media withdrawal that would entail loooool.

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  5. Can I “love” this comment! I agree with you on pretty much everything. You had me in stiches, Geeky! Although I wish I had your wisdom. I dipped my feet in those social media accounts for a while, but I didn’t like the person I was turning into. Taking photos of coffee you ordered and posing oh-so-chalantly? Umm, no. Seriously, can I make your comment a guest post or something? It was beautiful! <3

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  6. If I wasn’t chronically low-tech Rafia, I probably would have fallen prey to the lure of social media. I totally understand their appeal, they are after all predicated on exploiting our need to socialize and create communities. I’m just glad we’ve been able to meet in this little corner of the Internet, away and safe from all the craziness out there looool.

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  7. I love that you are chronically low-tech, as you. It doesn’t at all change the fact that you are a super talented, intelligent woman who’s going to make some ground-breaking impact with her research one day, if she hasn’t already (I’m a layperson, I am not the first to know of these things). I am so glad that we met too! How did it happen anyway? Subhan’Allah for the blogosphere, the one place where I don’t feel I need to justify my existence in silly ways.

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