Guess Who’s Back? I dunno. I was listening to Eminem yesterday (while working out, don’t judge!) and it seemed fitting.

So, since I can’t go back to sleep after fajr (early morning prayer) and it’s technically not a work day (though I did work yesterday, on a Saturday, yes!), I figured it’s high time to actually blog. I could continue to re-post content, but I met a nice young lady the other day at a party who asked about my writing and I thought: “Oh yeah, I write, don’t I?”

So, here I am… writing… something.

I have written since my last post. And no, I’m not talking about writing emails. I’ve actually written a paper and a book review, and even a blog post. But they’re not exactly for a general audience, so I’ve been reluctant to share it freely with others. Also, the latter two are drafts waiting for review.

That reminds me. Another reason why I’ve not blogged here in a while is because I got a(nother) job. I haven’t even Netflix-ed in what seems like weeks, because I literally feel like I’ve been working all day! I’ve pretty much work been working through breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, the working through dinner thing will end soon. And then, maybe, I’ll blog more frequently.

But who knows.

My end of the blogosphere has seemed to die… or taken a nap (I really gotta stop with the histrionics. I’ll never be a Broadway actress. Rafia, give it up). I bet all my blogger friends also have a life and stuff. But like, when all your emails are newsletters you signed up for and random solicitations, your zest for blogging just dissipates. Not getting an email notification for the blogs I follow makes me forget that I too used to blog at one point.

Another reason – and this is not at all a valid one –  one of my many quirks is that whenever I go on a hiatus (whether intended or not), when I do eventually come back, I feel this compulsive need to hit restart. If I’m feeling particularly drastic, that means a new blog with a new title. If I’m lazy and cautious, a new layout. I’ve been feeling frustrated with these free WordPress themes for a while now. I don’t think it’s smart at this point (or ever!) to switch to a paid platform (I’m sorry, but 115 followers on FB does not merit becoming a full-time blogger. And also, I will die (sorry!) quit blogging before I willingly puts ads on my site). I thought I’d get some web developer to design a custom theme for me. He quoted me at over 600 bucks. That is when I politely said “Quda Hafiz.”

So, I was back to square one, but with an even more persistent desire for change. After playing with a few themes (again), I decided to change the font on this one this morning… and saw that it could work. I am neither as talented nor creative as my sister. So, I quickly made this header and decided, “let’s just do it.” A lack of sleep and the need to extricate oneself of a compulsion can do this to a person. I know everyone loved the previous layout because of that beautiful header. If I could somehow keep the header and change the theme, I would. BUT WORDPRESS, OKAY?????

As I said, this is one of my (many) inexplicable quirks. And if you’re reading my words, you have to accept whatever oddities come with.

So, I guess I’m back.

7 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back? I dunno. I was listening to Eminem yesterday (while working out, don’t judge!) and it seemed fitting.

  1. I learned a new phrase from you – Quda Hafiz! I looked it up – means “goodbye”? It also said something about G-d’s protection. (Reminds me of Adios in Spanish – To G-d.) So glad you are blogging again. Seeing the email notification come through makes me happy 😊

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  2. Thanks for reading, Sheila! Yes, I should have translated… but Quda Hafiz can also be used in a more informal way like, “Umm, I need to get out of this situation” Aww, you’re so sweet! BTW, are you going to the Sisterhood Conference?


  3. I feel your pain! I’ve been saying ‘I’m back!’ on all of my blog posts and then as soon as I’ve published it it turns out that no, I wasn’t back. I then chose a new layout too and that excitement lasted all of about 3 days. I used to be so good reading around, commenting, posting regularly and now I’m like wut is wordz even. 🤣 Blogging is haaard work maaaaan


  4. Congratulations on the new job! (though it’s probably not so new at this point.) I hope your’e enjoying it and life in general. Whether or not you have time/energy to blog in addition to all the other writing you do, I hope you blog because you want to do it

    I’m a typography nerd, so I like the new layout!

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  5. Thank you! It’s still new for me! :) Yes, I really do like my new job, in fact. It might be too early to say that I love it, since I just finished my 2nd month, but I have loved it so far. Let’s hope that love continues. Yay, I’m glad you like the layout. The other day, Mr. Rafia, out of the blue btw, was like, “I don’t like your new layout.” Since he obviously did not read my post, I proceeded to explain why it had to be done. How are you by the way? Haha, I love that I’m treating the comments section like IM or Whatsapp. That’s how I roll.


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