Running with the Cows (in my head… for now)

Tomorrow, I will be running my second official 5K of the year.

I wasn’t planning on doing another race until September (with Ramadan and then summer coming up).

But when I saw that there is a race called “Running with the Cows” (unfortunately in Kansas City, where I do not live, but where Mr. Rafia used to live before deciding to move back to Indy!)… and that it could be done virtually… and that I would be getting a cowbell and a cow t-shirt as long as I sent a screenshot of my mileage/time?

That was all that I needed.

But I am truly not ready.

With the first 5K in March, I had signed up at least a month before and so had some time to mentally prepare (kind of).

I literally signed up for this race just a few days ago.

It is a testament to my love of cows. That I am willing to go out there tomorrow in 80 degree weather (mind you with full hijab gear on) and not even get to see and be with the cows. But after learning that my favorite cow died just last week (Harveigh STILL has over 80,000 followers, okay?), it just felt like the thing to do. I won’t say the “right” thing, because I can acknowledge how weird all this is. However, let us not forget this is me we are talking aboot here.

I hope to one day run in person with the cows. It won’t be for at least another three years (due to Ramadan falling around the time the race is held every year). So maybe by then, I can do the half-marathon?

I mean, if I’m going to make the trip out to KC, it’s gotta be worth it. I know this is an ambitious and, at this very moment, insurmountable goal: 13.1 miles. That’s more than my one-way commute down town to work! I’m still struggling with 3.1.

But you know what they say about shooting for the moon?

It’s the only way I’ll ever get to see that cow who jumped over it.

BUT FOR REAL, HOW AMAZING WOULD IT BE IF MY FIRST HALF-MARATHON EVER WAS WITH COWS? It honestly seems more plausible and practical than a PhD will ever be for me.

Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Running with the Cows (in my head… for now)

  1. Love it’s Rafia!! So glad you are doing this even if not with the cows this time. Glad you’ll get a couple of souvenirs! And would love for you to come to KC when the timing is good:). Loved your line about seeing the cow jump in over the moon!

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  2. Thank you, Sheila! I would love to come to KC again sometime in the future. All the KC-ers I met are just so nice and friendly! Oh and that downtown library? What a beauty :)


  3. Thank you! I’m wondering if I need to have some sort of training program. But I’m leaning towards the idea that the more I continue to run, my body and mind will know when it’s the right time to move on to the next goal post (for me right now, that would be a 10k).


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