Getting back into it

After a co-worker mentioned yesterday that the weather this weekend would be great for a run, I told myself: “I gotta do it. Now or never.”

Inertia is strong within me. Unless I need to use the restroom or my stomach yells to me that it needs food, I can sit in one spot and just stay there for hours. So, motivating myself to go for a run… outside… in the summer… with full hijab gear on? First of all, WHY? Second of all, HOW?

But I know myself. If I don’t exercise regularly, the 10 pounds I lost recently will be back like that irritating friend who knows no boundaries. But more than that, getting regular exercise is as important as getting a good night’s sleep (both of which I need to prioritize, except the former is more in my control). Unless you’re a farmer milking dem cows, we all need to be exercising. It’s a hard lesson I had to learn… and apparently, keep on learning year after year :)

Beyond just exercising, I wanted to do something that could be my thing. I discovered that in running earlier this year. But then when Ramadan came, my old “friend” inertia got the better of me again.

It’s been two months since I’ve ran outside. I don’t know if I will be witnessing under 80 degree weather again until September. So I knew if I didn’t do that run this weekend, it would probably go up to four months since my last run. I didn’t want to undo what I had built up to in just a few short months. It’s very easy to undo hard work, as we all know. Those $100+ purple Brooks I got for my birthday are going to be used until they can take no more miles, dammit!

By the time I went out, it was already 10 AM. I saw a bunch of shirtless college-age men. A part of me was like, “Really? REALLY?” Then I thought, “No. It’s not just me. It’s legit hot.”

But I did it. I ran.

While I didn’t beat my record pace (and that too probably because I was running with the cows), I did run a longer distance than ever before: 4 miles, in less than 45 minutes! Considering that I’m still a newb, haven’t ran in two months, and am covered from head-to-toe IN THE SUMMER (that new sport hijab I got is better than what I had been using before, but let’s face it: wearing a headscarf in the summer is still wearing a headscarf in the summer), that’s actually pretty awesome! Yay, I can still be a runner! God-willing, it’s not just a phase! :)

My head is still pounding and my feet are still ringing. But I did it!

I don’t feel bad about eating that cake last night at all. Not a bit.

16 thoughts on “Getting back into it

  1. 🙌🏻 A-MAAAA-ZING!!! That’s so so great to hear. And doubly incredible in the hijab too.. that’s got to keep some heat in. Keep at it, you’ve done the hardest bit xxx

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  2. I have lately been at peace with flowing with life as it comes instead of resisting it – as I was for so long. Its an interesting change :) Its a bit quiet but I’m curious to see whats the “next thing” in store for me. Been exploring the arts a little bit more too! Such joy :) Are you doing anything with theatre/music or public speaking?

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  3. That’s nice to hear! I think it’s difficult to go with the flow because there are so many influences around us telling us that we should not be doing that. What arts are you exploring? I’d be interested to learn more about that! I myself have thought of writing and possibly submitting some essays… But I’ve yet to do it. I need some inspiration! :)


  4. Oh no! Don’t want to contribute to your guilt! I had the same feeling up until I actually went out this weekend. It’s hard after Ramadan especially. I literally had to force myself to get out. And now that it’s the workweek, I’m lazy again :)

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  5. 4 miles in less than 45 minutes is incredible, sounds like something I’ll never be able to do. The only mile I ever ran was in the 7th grade and it was 14 minutes…lol.

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  6. Never say never! I was you for most of my life. I even hated recess as a kid. But when I started, I didn’t want to stop. Unlike other sports, running requires no athletic skill whatsoever. You’re only competing with and answerable to yourself!


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