What is this feeling, so sudden and new?

I KNOW that is not the first time I started a blog post with that title.

For years, I wanted to see Wicked and when I finally had a chance, I was like, “Meh.”

That is so classic Rafia.

What is NOT classic Rafia?

Drinking green tea. Willingly.

I’m a chai girl. Have been since my Desi co-workers got me hooked back in the not-so-good-ole-days. I do coffee when I’m traveling and don’t have a choice, but that’s only because the black tea they have available always SUCKS.

I’ve been sick for well over a week. I thought I was getting better on the weekend, hence my 10K, but I thought incorrectly. It got so bad later in the week that I had to literally take a sick day. So, they aren’t categorized as sick days, but that’s essentially what it was.

On Wednesday, I woke up for fajr and felt tired. So I took a second dose of Target Brand “NyQuil” and woke up again after 11 AM. I got some breakfast in me. Prayed dhur. And then went back to sleep until Asr. I NEVER sleep this much. I think I got more sleep that one day than I do in a normal-Rafia week (okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but I have a history with histrionics).

Because I wanted to sleep in the evening, I decided to not go back to bed and do something that did not involve my brain. TV, it was! My normal TV-viewing consists of depressing news or watching cows escape slaughter-houses. Not being in the mood for that, I decided to watch something light and frothy, a show in my normal state I’ve skipped.

Illness does something to you.

I was like, “I’ll give this ‘Unbreakable‘” a try. I ended up really liking the show and not just because I needed something light-hearted. Kimmy is like the female version of SpongeBob Squarepants, which admittedly is half of the reason why I was able to survive my horrible high school years. I also did love 30 Rock, so of course I would love this show.

Oh, yeah, so the tea.

Ever since I got sick, I’ve been drinking green tea instead of my usual chai. I avoid dairy whenever I get a respiratory infection. I don’t know if this is backed by science — not that that would really move me anyway; I’m a ~*humanities girl*~ — but I heard one time that singers avoid dairy before a performance, something about dairy coating the lungs in a way that’s not good for breathing or something like that. So, I’ve stuck with that, pretending that I still do sing.

And even though I’m well enough-but-not-quite to go back to my usual chai, I’ve decided to stick with this green tea thing for now. I’m just happy to know that I really don’t need as much caffeine as I once thought. Given that I am highly sensitive to caffeine in the first place, the less I get – because let’s face it, I am not giving up on chocolate, nope, I learned from that one time – the better it is for me. I’m also hoping green tea stains less than black tea, but I’ll let my dentist be the judge on that one.

Speaking of dentist… I am getting all four of my wisdom teeth out this Tuesday! It might be a bit too premature if I get a Costco-sized vat of ice cream, right? I am not looking forward to it. But as the day gets closer, I realize that I have to face the inevitable. I got the opinions of four different dentists (one is someone I know) and they all agreed. But isn’t that what being a doctor all amounts to? Agreeing on making the lives of their patients miserable?

I hope my chipmunk-swelling does not become permanent. Oh, and the pain. And the bleeding.

Okay, I think I’m going to stop now. Reading back on this post, it reads like I wrote this while in the process of getting sedated for my extraction, or had way too much caffeine, or a combination of both.

I realize this title is also perfect for what I will be experiencing on Tuesday and the days after. Ay! Pray for me, Argentina!

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