What is this feeling, so sudden and new?

I KNOW that is not the first time I started a blog post with that title.

For years, I wanted to see Wicked and when I finally had a chance, I was like, “Meh.”

That is so classic Rafia.

What is NOT classic Rafia?

Drinking green tea. Willingly.

I’m a chai girl. Have been since my Desi co-workers got me hooked back in the not-so-good-ole-days. I do coffee when I’m traveling and don’t have a choice, but that’s only because the black tea they have available always SUCKS.

I’ve been sick for well over a week. I thought I was getting better on the weekend, hence my 10K, but I thought incorrectly. It got so bad later in the week that I had to literally take a sick day. So, they aren’t categorized as sick days, but that’s essentially what it was.

On Wednesday, I woke up for fajr and felt tired. So I took a second dose of Target Brand “NyQuil” and woke up again after 11 AM. I got some breakfast in me. Prayed dhur. And then went back to sleep until Asr. I NEVER sleep this much. I think I got more sleep that one day than I do in a normal-Rafia week (okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but I have a history with histrionics).

Because I wanted to sleep in the evening, I decided to not go back to bed and do something that did not involve my brain. TV, it was! My normal TV-viewing consists of depressing news or watching cows escape slaughter-houses. Not being in the mood for that, I decided to watch something light and frothy, a show in my normal state I’ve skipped.

Illness does something to you.

I was like, “I’ll give this ‘Unbreakable‘” a try. I ended up really liking the show and not just because I needed something light-hearted. Kimmy is like the female version of SpongeBob Squarepants, which admittedly is half of the reason why I was able to survive my horrible high school years. I also did love 30 Rock, so of course I would love this show.

Oh, yeah, so the tea.

Ever since I got sick, I’ve been drinking green tea instead of my usual chai. I avoid dairy whenever I get a respiratory infection. I don’t know if this is backed by science — not that that would really move me anyway; I’m a ~*humanities girl*~ — but I heard one time that singers avoid dairy before a performance, something about dairy coating the lungs in a way that’s not good for breathing or something like that. So, I’ve stuck with that, pretending that I still do sing.

And even though I’m well enough-but-not-quite to go back to my usual chai, I’ve decided to stick with this green tea thing for now. I’m just happy to know that I really don’t need as much caffeine as I once thought. Given that I am highly sensitive to caffeine in the first place, the less I get – because let’s face it, I am not giving up on chocolate, nope, I learned from that one time – the better it is for me. I’m also hoping green tea stains less than black tea, but I’ll let my dentist be the judge on that one.

Speaking of dentist… I am getting all four of my wisdom teeth out this Tuesday! It might be a bit too premature if I get a Costco-sized vat of ice cream, right? I am not looking forward to it. But as the day gets closer, I realize that I have to face the inevitable. I got the opinions of four different dentists (one is someone I know) and they all agreed. But isn’t that what being a doctor all amounts to? Agreeing on making the lives of their patients miserable?

I hope my chipmunk-swelling does not become permanent. Oh, and the pain. And the bleeding.

Okay, I think I’m going to stop now. Reading back on this post, it reads like I wrote this while in the process of getting sedated for my extraction, or had way too much caffeine, or a combination of both.

I realize this title is also perfect for what I will be experiencing on Tuesday and the days after. Ay! Pray for me, Argentina!

5 thoughts on “What is this feeling, so sudden and new?

  1. I LOVE chai. How can the desi in me not? Its what gets me up in the morning (which is why when I’m fasting I need to skip over the brain messages telling me I wont survive the withdrawal :p) I got hooked onto green tea through the environment at work as well! Everyone used to drink it after lunch. And thus, after my main meal(s), I always have green tea. The one with mint though. Plain is too bitter for my liking. There will be more numbness than pain after your extraction which takes a couple hours to wear off. On my way back home I got a box of cappucino icecream, lulz. You’ll be okayyyyy <3

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  2. Aww, I hope you’re feeling better Rafia. Getting sick is no fun. My comfort watch whenever I’m under the weather is of course Star Trek. Most of the time it is because I’m trying to visualize myself walking into sick bay and after a quick hypospray getting out of there completely healed loool. Hey! a girl can fantasize…especially with high fever. I also like funny shows from the 90s like Frasier and 3rd rock from the sun, and MadTv. I also enjoy late night shows like Conan or Corden. Anything light and silly usually does the trick.

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  3. Thanks, GM! Glad to see you back. I’m still in pain and a bit swollen (because of the wisdom teeth being pulled out). The recovery is slower than I would have liked… probably because of my “advanced” age. Mr. Rafia and I have been watching Conan lately. He’s really funny. But it still hurts to laugh! So, that’s been interesting.

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  4. You know, even in Ramadan I would not skip my chai. Sure, I would not savour it as much and drink a less strong brew… but I couldn’t get past the fears of getting a headache if I skip it. Naureen, I’m still sore and in pain. I’m acting like a baby now! Haha. Literally, I’m eating apple sauce!


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