Cows, zoomies, and cake – that’s all I need for my birfday!

Who would have thought that today – February 3rd, just days after a polar vortex hit the Midwest, with wind chills at 45 degrees below zero FAHRENHEIT – would be a perfect day to run a race?

It’s going to be sunny and 51 degrees.

The only reason I even signed up for the race was because it was free. If the weather was not to my liking, I’d lose nothing for deciding to spend the entire day in my sneaky fluffy (that’s what I call my purple polka-dotted house robe — my baby nephew gets credit for the name, but I get credit for keeping it alive).

But if the weather just so happened to be bearable – and anything is possible, not just because of climate change but because I believe in the Qadr of Allah – I thought it would be a cool way to celebrate my birthday. Something I would have never done before until I started running. So yeah, I was going to sign up for it!

Also, I have zero interest in watching either the Super Bowl Game or the commercials. If I had to chose, I’d pick the game. Yes, I wrote that and I mean it. But the Patriots again? Ugh.

So today is all about the race. Relaxing and fueling adequately before and relaxing and recovering after. That means having the home to myself, while Mr. Rafia goes to a Super Bowl party he’s been invited to (it’s bros only anyway). After last year’s disaster of a birthday, when it fell on “Game Day,” I would prefer to not replicate the experience. To his credit, it was sweet of Mr. Rafia to have a bunch of Muslim men who have never met me before sing “Happy Birthday” to me, but that didn’t make up for the fact that I sat staring at a screen for 3+ hours, not understanding what I was watching, and stuffing my face with pizza so I could forget how miserable I was feeling/being. It’s not that we didn’t celebrate the day before, but I’m a kid and I want a special day (as well) on my actual birth date!

I’m pretty low-maintenance throughout the year, so I ask for only one day a year where that 24 hours is all about what I want to do, even if I don’t know what I want to do. I know what I DON’T want to do. And anything football-related, even though I don’t hate it as much as I once did, is one of those things.

It may be a bit too premature to write, considering that my birthday is not until tomorrow, but I had a pretty nice and simple birthday (long) weekend. I participated in Devour Indy twice and had dishes I had never had before and liked(!). But more importantly, I got to see my cows!

You probably can’t see them, but I am wearing my cow earnings… because that’s what I do!

The only thing that remains is my cake. Neither the chocolate flan on Thursday, nor the chocolate tart on Friday, nor even that chocolate mug cake I made yesterday night technically counts. I know that’s a lot of chocolate, but um, it’s my birthday tomorrow, aight? That is how I celebrate the very hard task of just living and making it to another year :)

LOL. Tomorrow is going to be so anti-climactic. I’ll probably cry on Tuesday morning.

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