On ambiguous blogging.

I haven’t blogged in a while. I wanted to last week, but I didn’t have the heart to write about what’s been on my mind.

As a blogger, I realize I look at the world, not necessarily differently than others, but definitely with a focus. “Is this moment bloggable?” I will often think, as others continue on with their conversations and I’ve begun to have one of my own in my head.

But as I’ve learned, even some bloggable moments don’t need to be blogged or even written about. I like to be private about things. Much of this is very much Islamically informed.

I guess as I have gotten older and because of the ubiquitousness that is the Googlez, there are some things that I’d rather not let out into the ether. God, I really love that phrase, don’t I? (I just updated my About page and used that phrase there, too).

And yet the compulsion to blog still remains. Writing in a medium where others could potentially read my thoughts makes the issue seem more real. But is that true? Or is it the society in which the public/private distinction has become blurred that which makes it seem that way?

Maybe it’s a bit of both.

So/yet, here I am writing about a problem – a conglomeration of problems, really – without actually writing about them.

I can be an ambiguous blogger at times. And while it does not come with the same feelings of release as open and raw blogging does, even ambiguous blogging comes with its own wisdom and benefit.

10 thoughts on “On ambiguous blogging.

  1. Whenever I read your posts it’s always like we’re going through the same thing at exactly the same time, but you put it into better words than I ever could😂. I can’t bring myself to blog too; am just going to continue enjoying being a teacher off-duty and gradually turning into a vegetable this summer.😂

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  2. I reckon it’s a bit like poetry, in that each person interprets it in their own way based on their unique circumstances.

    I tend to also be vague about stuff because you don’t want to air your personal stuff in public, but you still get value in putting out some aspects of it – even if it’s just for an emotional release. And obviously people can make dua for you too – without needing to know the details.

    A private journal is a good way to do the raw release.

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  3. Awww, you’re too nice! LOL, yay to turning into a vegetable! What kind of vegetable though? I would be interested to know. When do you start teaching again? Classes here will start in a month – or even less, depending on the school.


  4. Hmmm, like poetry. That’s an interesting way of thinking about it. I like it! I’ve always struggled with poetry. I’ve written some poems in the past, but I never really felt it was real poetry because it was free/blank verse. I also have a hard time understanding most literary poets.

    There was a time where I was okay with sharing details about my life, perhaps it was the euphoria is being a newly wed? But now, I guard my privacy almost like a… I’m bad at metaphors.

    Oh yeah, I certainly have a private journal for all the boring thoughts and private matters, but as I blogged, for some reason writing about it in my journal makes the problem seem like it’s pending. The act of publishing something gives a sense of closure. I’m sure you would agree with that sentiment in some ways, having just published your own book!


  5. Free verse is a type of poetry…and I don’t think there’s a “real poetry”…. it’s just your expression, in whatever structure that comes.

    Publishing helps get it off your chest in a more public way than a journal, yes…but it doesn’t necessarily give closure. I guess for me it helps make it more accessible for future years if I ever want to go back and see what life was back at the time of struggle.

    In any case, I think when you put something out there, with good intentions, insha-Allah you get a positive energy back in one form or another…. whether you perceive it or not.

    But keep writing and keep publishing. It’s so critical, given the bite size, and often superficial, stuff that floods us on social platforms these days.

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  6. Haha I’m tempted to say I’m turning into something exotic and skinny like lady fingers, but I’m eating my way towards looking like a spud so yes🤣. Same, school starts end of August so I’m officially half way there, eek! I can just feel the insomnia and work related nightmares creeping up on me 😭

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  7. Haha, I like your reasoning. I’ve turned into a bit of a spud myself. Given all the sweets I eat, I suppose I must be a sweet potato or yam then! Ahh, insomnia. Work-related nightmares though? I’m sorry. I used to get school-related nightmares all the time. Is it like the flip side of that? Forgetting to grade the exams or something?


  8. I guess closure is not the best word, because the issue or problem still persists. But I’ve noticed that when I am blogging, the self-editing makes it more of a reflective activity than journaling does. So in a sense, blogging feels like I leave with a better perspective than the one I started with. Perhaps it’s because of this compulsion I feel to end on a light night, even if the issue is ongoing and has no conclusion at the time. Thanks for the encouragement. I sometimes wonder whether my writing has any real impact for others. I hope that it might. But it does for me, so that’s reason enough to continue!

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  9. Yeppp that’s exactly it. Turning up to lessons without any resources or any clue what’s going on, losing exam papers, unable to stop fights between kids etc. I have been binge eating sweets too until 3 days ago when I decided I’m going to go cold turkey and I’ve been sooo moody hahaha!

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  10. Girl, I am sorry. Giving up the sweets is hard. I stopped eating anything with added sugar for about a year a number of years ago and then when I stopped doing that, for the first few years after I binged any time I ate sweets. I still have a tendency to eat a lot of dessert when I eat it. Some people just have sweet teeth and can’t stop. I am one of them, hence explaining why half of my blog is named after my favourite dessert! LOL. I haven’t had cake in a while (it’s only been a week)

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