Hello, my name is Rafia. Thanks for visiting my blog, Cake & Cows!

While this blog has been around since March 2016, I personally have been blogging for over fifteen years. It was through blogging that I first discovered my love of writing. Ergo, the more I blog, the more I discover how much I love to write. For me, it’s a good feedback loop!

While my love for cake and cows permeates this blog, I by no means limit my writing to these two subjects. For one, I do not bake — I just love eating cake. Second, I am not a farmer — I have never even milked a cow (I would eventually like to one day, but my obsession with cleanliness currently inhibits me from actively pursuing this goal). I blog to make sense of my life, and thus the topics range from reflections on religion to critiques of culture to my current aspirations.

Writing an “About” page has been the single most difficult thing for me to write. You’d think it’d be easy, since I essentially write about my life, but it’s not. In a way, my blog is my “About” page. Constantly changing each day, as we all are. What’s true one day may no longer be as relevant a few months later. Blogging provides textual evidence of this for me. And as someone who has spent two years studying Religion – and thus, texts – the more I blog/write, the more I critically examine the written word and its implications. Yet another (good) feedback loop!

I invite you to read some of my recent posts to get a better sense of me and/or this blog. If you like what you read, you can subscribe via email or, if you’re on WordPress, simply follow me. If you have a question or comment about this blog or for me, feel free to reach out. If you write nice things, I will most definitely respond ;)

Have a great day and thanks for reading!