Hello! My name is Rafia. And welcome to my blog, Cake & Cows!

While my love for cake and cows permeates this blog, I by no means limit what I write to these two subjects. In my 15+ years of blogging, I have come to discover (and rediscover!) that it is the writing medium by which I am most able to keep my neurosis in check.

Depending on the kind of day I am having, my posts can range anywhere from documenting my experiences as a headscarf-wearing Muslim woman living in the Midwest, to ranting over social media and the degradation and decadence of society, to confronting my complicated relationship with my body, and of course, the perennial topic, whether or not I should get a PhD. As divergent as all these topics may seem, they all feed into one another in some way.

I invite you to read some of my recent posts to get a better sense of who I am and this blog. If you like what you read, you can subscribe via email — or if you’re on WordPress, simply follow me. If you have a question or comment about this blog or for me, feel free to reach out. If you write nice things, I will most definitely respond ;)

Have a great day and thanks for reading!