Hello, my name is Rafia Khader and welcome to my blog Cake & Cows!

As you’ve most likely figured out, I am neither a professional baker nor a dairy farmer. I named this blog Cake & Cows simply because I really like cake and cows. I also really like alliteration.

Admit it – it’s a pretty cool blog name, eh?

img-20160513-wa0002Who am I though? I am a Canadian-born Muslim woman living in the Midwest who just so happens to love writing among other things (these other things including but not limited to: singing, Mickey Mouse, Richard Simmons, PBS’s Arthur, and of course, cake and cows).

I first started blogging in 2003. For most of this time though, it was a hobby I kept private, because I didn’t consider myself a real writer. However, after getting married in December 2015, moving away from my family for the very first time, and finding myself in situations I was not at all prepared for (e.g. I come from a pretty traditional Hyderabadi-Indian family and my husband… does not), I turned to the one activity that had without fail given me solace in the past.

IMG_20160402_172552This time, though, I was ready to go public.

Cake & Cows was born on March 24, 2016 – and with each blog post I wrote, I found myself discovering a passion for writing that had quietly been budding for years.

Over a year later, I finally have the confidence to call myself a real writer. This blog is what started it all.

Thanks for reading!