Cows, zoomies, and cake – that’s all I need for my birfday!

Who would have thought that today - February 3rd, just days after a polar vortex hit the Midwest, with wind chills at 45 degrees below zero FAHRENHEIT - would be a perfect day to run a race? It's going to be sunny and 51 degrees. The only reason I even signed up for the race… Continue reading Cows, zoomies, and cake – that’s all I need for my birfday!

On intuition and quasi-goals

I've written about the "gift" of insomnia before. I feel somewhat facetious in writing this, because honestly, being awake from 2:30 to 5:30 am this morning certainly did not feel like a gift. And yet, waking up this morning and writing in my journal as openheartedly as I did this morning was something that I… Continue reading On intuition and quasi-goals

Nothing that I own owns me

If people were to be ranked on a spectrum, I'd like to say I'd be pretty close to being a "Purger" rather than a "Hoarder." Back in high school, I took great pride in this classification, given my fascination with Russia and the Soviet Union. It's funny the things we believe about ourselves, right? After… Continue reading Nothing that I own owns me

Breaking the Habit

Today is Day 5 of no caffeine. I feel a sense of loss particularly today. Saturday is the day that I look forward to drinking my chai. No anxiety about work on my mind. I have Monday to start worrying about that. No rushing. Not a single sound. It's like I have the whole house… Continue reading Breaking the Habit

One among many complicated figures: Alice Walker

I just finished reading The Color Purple for the first time. The timing is no mere coincidence. Alice Walker is now getting some pretty bad press for her apparent endorsement of David Icke, a "professional conspiracy theorist" according to Wikipedia and whom critics call a Holocaust denier and anti-Semite, which of course he denies. But don't they… Continue reading One among many complicated figures: Alice Walker