Ruminations on mortality

This afternoon, as I was trekking my way back to my car, I almost got run over. Apparently, the driver didn't realize he had to make a full stop at a stop sign at an intersection of a university where there are people crossing pretty much during all hours of the day. Sure, it was… Continue reading Ruminations on mortality

Verily, After Hardship Comes Ease

I am reminded that the "natural progression" in life is not always so natural for many people. I have struggled with this myself many times before. But how do you grieve for a loss that is not yours? Is what you feel empathy? Or is it fear? What words of condolence or encouragement do you… Continue reading Verily, After Hardship Comes Ease

9/11 is the day I lost my grandmother

This is an essay I first wrote a few years back in honour of my grandmother, whom I called naanami. I haven't edited this piece because I would like to keep everything intact. Today also is the first day of the new Islamic lunar year. A sobering reminder for myself first on how I would… Continue reading 9/11 is the day I lost my grandmother

Why does this keep on happening? Because there is a lesson I have yet to learn.

Last night I had to face the cold, hard truth that even though I certainly feel different after coming back from Hajj, I am still me. I still have my weaknesses. I still have my deficiencies. I still have the same anxieties. Week One after Hajj was pretty good, I would say. Work was not… Continue reading Why does this keep on happening? Because there is a lesson I have yet to learn.

There and Back Again: A Hajji’s Tale

Today is our first full day back home from Hajj. I start this post off knowing that this reflection cannot do justice to the multitude of emotions and openings I felt during this pilgrimage, often and appropriately called "the journey of a lifetime." You know that scene in The Return of the King after the… Continue reading There and Back Again: A Hajji’s Tale