Moosings of the Mooment

Instead of Twitter, “Moosings of the Moo-ment” (Musings of the Moment, for those who don’t speak Bovine) is MY way of dropping one-liners that have no relevance to anyone but myself. Why am I doing this? Because I want a platform for sharing the random and/or witty thoughts I have, but I refuse to (re)join Twitter for it. Also, I have a blog, so why the heck not?

The most recent moosing will be featured on the sidebar. Past moosings will be archived here.

  • 5/8/18: I can’t stop looking at pictures of Harveigh, even though I know it will just make me sad and start to cry. Why am I doing this to myself? Oh, Harveigh! I miss you!
  • 5/5/18: This blog has turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. After I found out Harveigh the (un)Cow had died, Mr. Rafia tried to cheer me up with a piece of (chocolate) cake.
  • 4/28/18: After finishing Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an, I’m like, “I know what my focus area is going to be! Islam in early American legal thought!” OMG, it’s perfect! Has it been done before though?
  • 4/21/18: While Ben & Jerry’s can indeed solve every problem, it’s ONLY while you’re eating. So, keep on eating that ice-cream, girl!
  • 4/15/18: I just discovered Hamid Dabashi – and I think I am in love. I guess I DO have something to do today!