Saying “No” (i.e. Hello, Insomnia!)

I have been blessed (why blessed? It seems counter-intuitive on its face, but it's the word that first came to me) this week to have to say "No" to two what-could-have-been really great opportunities. Why did I say "No"? Either the dates, location, or timing simply did not work out. If they did, I'd have… Continue reading Saying “No” (i.e. Hello, Insomnia!)

The pants that got away… and an email to remind me

First of all, new layout! I know the previous one was only up for a month, but my amazingly talented sister (FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM!) drew this beautiful illustration at just the right time. I fell out of love with the last layout rather quickly; it lacked personality and made my site look a little… Continue reading The pants that got away… and an email to remind me

Doing Away with Vestiges of the Past

I held on for so long. But after two notifications from the library informing me that my copy of War & Peace was due soon and furthermore, my bookmark remained nestled in that same spot, I had to do it. Just looking at that tome each day -- I could feel it staring back at… Continue reading Doing Away with Vestiges of the Past