New Layout, Cake & Cows Turns 1, and Questions I Must Answer

First of all, Cake & Cows has a brand-spanking new layout! Like the last one, the header of this layout was also illustrated by my amazingly talented older sister, who you should follow on Instagram, if you're on. The occasion is not just because I needed some colour on my blog - or to translate… Continue reading New Layout, Cake & Cows Turns 1, and Questions I Must Answer

A pseudo-philosopher’s thoughtsy thoughts on Difference

Why does difference bother some more than others? Is it a manifestation of their upbringing? Is it because they lacked something necessary when they were young? Some, despite their circumstances, are able to rise above it. Others live their entire lives accepting only one way - their way. How do you change how another views… Continue reading A pseudo-philosopher’s thoughtsy thoughts on Difference

The War On Our Bodies

Once "fat" becomes your marker for self-identification, obsession with weight and body image perhaps never leave you. Sometimes, I desperately wish I was more like Alison Sweeney. Alison Sweeney, for those unfamiliar, is the former host of The Biggest Loser and soap-opera actress who (relatively) famously struggled with her weight in her youth. She later… Continue reading The War On Our Bodies