Insomnia, are you here to stay?

I think I need to change the title of this blog to "Cake & Cows... & Insomnia." It doesn't quite have that same ring to it. But alas! The thing is: I can't say "No" to cake, especially when it was made by a trained baker, who also happens to be a friend, and is… Continue reading Insomnia, are you here to stay?

So this ended up being another “Year in Review” post. Probably won’t be the last.

i love cake because every new beginning comes from why do love cake? i love cake so much is angie’s list really free? why do you like cake i like cake because why i love cake re4nik harveigh the cow died give the reason why you like cake meaning of sacrifice in the 21st century… Continue reading So this ended up being another “Year in Review” post. Probably won’t be the last.

When good habits turn into obsessions

I never thought I would be reading weather reports so intensively. Before, all I needed to know was whether it was going to rain and how cold it would be, so that I could wear the appropriate coat and shoes. But now, I'm looking for humidity, dew point, wind gusts, and I'm looking at hourly… Continue reading When good habits turn into obsessions

A little less cake, but a lot more cows (that are alive)!

Hello, hello, hello, my readers! There has been a change in my life that has to do with this blog, well, at least the title of this blog. And since I hate living two lives, I feel I must update whomever is reading to quell my conscience. While my love for cake I hope shall… Continue reading A little less cake, but a lot more cows (that are alive)!

A blog post about nothing and yet everything!

It's been a busy week. I went to Atlanta for the first time last Thursday for The American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (didn't have time to pretend to be Scarlett O'Hara as Savannah is a 4 hour drive, but I did pass the Margaret Mitchell house two times! Notwithstanding Mitchell, the film adaptation was a… Continue reading A blog post about nothing and yet everything!