The Richard Simmons Saga – A True Story

I am an obsessive person. And I can be an elitist about the things I love. Only very recently have I been able to publicly admit that I like the movies better than the books. You know what I'm talking about. Okay, fine. It's been a while. The real reason I read The Lord of… Continue reading The Richard Simmons Saga – A True Story

The pants that got away… and an email to remind me

First of all, new layout! I know the previous one was only up for a month, but my amazingly talented sister (FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM!) drew this beautiful illustration at just the right time. I fell out of love with the last layout rather quickly; it lacked personality and made my site look a little… Continue reading The pants that got away… and an email to remind me

To Cowtown and Back

It's been over a week since I've blogged. I've read "advice" that you should not go more than a few days between posts, because then people will lose interest. And I'm like, "So you should write crap, even if you have nothing to say? You really think people are gonna keep coming back?" Not that… Continue reading To Cowtown and Back

The problem with calling someone a “role model”

To the otherwise really nice guy that posted "Islam needs more women like this," my response is "Um, no." I think it's great that we have so many female Muslim athletes competing in the Olympics this year. The whole world seems to be in love with Ibtihaj Muhammad, and I don't blame them, because she… Continue reading The problem with calling someone a “role model”

The sting of rejection

The thing about receiving upsetting news is that after wiping away a day full of tears, my little grey cells begin to start working again. In my case, I have inspiration to write! So if anything, rejection can fuel creativity (well, my version of it anyway). As you can surmise, I got my third rejection… Continue reading The sting of rejection