Is anybody still reading?

I'm well aware it's been over two weeks since I've last blogged. I won't blame the usual "writer's block," because I haven't been blocked per se. I actually had two drafts written, but couldn't manage to edit either of the posts in the time I had. I realized something about myself recently. If I don't… Continue reading Is anybody still reading?

New Layout, Cake & Cows Turns 1, and Questions I Must Answer

First of all, Cake & Cows has a brand-spanking new layout! Like the last one, the header of this layout was also illustrated by my amazingly talented older sister, who you should follow on Instagram, if you're on. The occasion is not just because I needed some colour on my blog - or to translate… Continue reading New Layout, Cake & Cows Turns 1, and Questions I Must Answer

I’ve been nominated! You like me, you really like me!

(Sorry, I just had to! Credit) I've been seeing these going around for a while and now that Geeky Muslimah of Troublesome Thirties has nominated me, I feel like I've been initiated into a secret club... that all of a sudden has no members. Thank you for nominating me, Geeky Muslimah! Who says academics live… Continue reading I’ve been nominated! You like me, you really like me!

A journey of discovery into the world of cakes

Yay, it's Eid! I can eat again ;) What I love about Islam is that it's not an otherworldly religion. We are commanded to give charitably, to be hospitable to our neighbors, to always speak with gentleness, etc. And the month of Ramadan gives us the perfect opportunity to improve upon these virtues. But we… Continue reading A journey of discovery into the world of cakes

A (Sweet) Change in Routine

I did something very un-Rafia-like today. To say that I was craving chocolate is an understatement. Even when I'm eating chocolate, I'm still craving it. But after last night's binge on non-fat plain yogurt - adding honey and cocoa powder can never mask the fact that it's still non-fat plain yogurt with honey and cocoa… Continue reading A (Sweet) Change in Routine