A (Sweet) Change in Routine

I did something very un-Rafia-like today. To say that I was craving chocolate is an understatement. Even when I'm eating chocolate, I'm still craving it. But after last night's binge on non-fat plain yogurt - adding honey and cocoa powder can never mask the fact that it's still non-fat plain yogurt with honey and cocoa… Continue reading A (Sweet) Change in Routine

Why I Can Never Go Vegan

I feel tempted to turn this blog into a food blog and I wouldn't even have to change the name if I did. But I'm not going to do that. I hate being encumbered. However, since this blog is about my life, I think the latest in my series of "Adventures in Not Burning the… Continue reading Why I Can Never Go Vegan

Part I: Why I Love Cake So Much (Finally!)

This was supposed to be my first post, but I never got to it. As usual, I went off on a tangent. Be forewarned: if you can't stand tangential writing, we can't be friends. At least not on the internet. Actually, probably not in person either. Because as a friend, you are obligated to support… Continue reading Part I: Why I Love Cake So Much (Finally!)