A journey of discovery into the world of cakes

Yay, it's Eid! I can eat again ;) What I love about Islam is that it's not an otherworldly religion. We are commanded to give charitably, to be hospitable to our neighbors, to always speak with gentleness, etc. And the month of Ramadan gives us the perfect opportunity to improve upon these virtues. But we… Continue reading A journey of discovery into the world of cakes

A (Sweet) Change in Routine

I did something very un-Rafia-like today. To say that I was craving chocolate is an understatement. Even when I'm eating chocolate, I'm still craving it. But after last night's binge on non-fat plain yogurt - adding honey and cocoa powder can never mask the fact that it's still non-fat plain yogurt with honey and cocoa… Continue reading A (Sweet) Change in Routine

Why I Can Never Go Vegan

I feel tempted to turn this blog into a food blog and I wouldn't even have to change the name if I did. But I'm not going to do that. I hate being encumbered. However, since this blog is about my life, I think the latest in my series of "Adventures in Not Burning the… Continue reading Why I Can Never Go Vegan

Part I: Why I Love Cake So Much (Finally!)

This was supposed to be my first post, but I never got to it. As usual, I went off on a tangent. Be forewarned: if you can't stand tangential writing, we can't be friends. At least not on the internet. Actually, probably not in person either. Because as a friend, you are obligated to support… Continue reading Part I: Why I Love Cake So Much (Finally!)