On vulnerability

Being vulnerable doesn't get any easier, no matter how many times we confront our fears, or are forced to. Perhaps I feel this way because I am still new to the world of putting myself "out there." As I've written before, I didn't grow up in a household where achievements were blasted to the entire… Continue reading On vulnerability

Oh yeah, happy new year! ;)

I must say that reducing my social media "presence" (I can't think of a better word - it really felt like I was hovering and not really a part of it) has been so freeing. The irony is not lost on me however that many people who will read this (paragraph) will chance upon it… Continue reading Oh yeah, happy new year! ;)

Swept from Indy to Jersey and who knows where else

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the 3rd Annual Muslim-Jewish Women's Leadership Conference hosted by the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom this past weekend in New Jersey. Since it was my first time in the tri-state area, I had to make a short detour to New York City (my brother being in the area facilitated this).… Continue reading Swept from Indy to Jersey and who knows where else

With a change in scenery…

Tomorrow will mark one week since Mr. Rafia and I have moved into the new place. All the boxes have been unpacked, our items neatly (for the most part) stowed away. I actually have room to store all my belongings in my closets and cupboards. Buh-bye, oversized Kohl's bags! Although I did save a few… Continue reading With a change in scenery…

Encounters with strangers

I have received a hug from 5 different people I've never met before in just 2 days. It's amazing what a tiny little gesture can do. I'm not one to be overtly friendly with strangers. There's always the fear that people might be suspicious of me. When you're a visibly Muslim woman living in a… Continue reading Encounters with strangers