When good habits turn into obsessions

I never thought I would be reading weather reports so intensively. Before, all I needed to know was whether it was going to rain and how cold it would be, so that I could wear the appropriate coat and shoes. But now, I'm looking for humidity, dew point, wind gusts, and I'm looking at hourly… Continue reading When good habits turn into obsessions

Ramadan begins today! Technically, last night… or maybe this evening?

It seems even in Indy there is no consensus. But regardless, Ramadan begins either today (technically, last night) or this evening. Mr. Rafia and I both agreed last night that it does not feel like Ramadan. Honestly, you only really feel it when you feel your mouth parched and can't reach for the water bottle… Continue reading Ramadan begins today! Technically, last night… or maybe this evening?

I got 99 problems – and dishes are number one

Before I begin, I'd like to preface by adding that I dreamed I wrote this post. Well, actually, it was more along the lines of: I had just prayed fajr and wanted to go back to sleep; but in between that wanting-to-sleep and unfortunately-I'm-awake zone we all tussle with each morning, I started writing out… Continue reading I got 99 problems – and dishes are number one

Why I Can Never Go Vegan

I feel tempted to turn this blog into a food blog and I wouldn't even have to change the name if I did. But I'm not going to do that. I hate being encumbered. However, since this blog is about my life, I think the latest in my series of "Adventures in Not Burning the… Continue reading Why I Can Never Go Vegan