Running with the Cows (in my head… for now)

Tomorrow, I will be running my second official 5K of the year. I wasn't planning on doing another race until September (with Ramadan and then summer coming up). But when I saw that there is a race called "Running with the Cows" (unfortunately in Kansas City, where I do not live, but where Mr. Rafia… Continue reading Running with the Cows (in my head… for now)

I did it! My second 5K and I’m still alive!

I was nervous. I hadn't even exercised in the past three weeks. I was sick for two of them and busy and/or recovering for one. But I had signed up (and paid!) for it weeks in advance, so I really had no choice. I was going to run jog this 5K whether I was ready… Continue reading I did it! My second 5K and I’m still alive!

A little less cake, but a lot more cows (that are alive)!

Hello, hello, hello, my readers! There has been a change in my life that has to do with this blog, well, at least the title of this blog. And since I hate living two lives, I feel I must update whomever is reading to quell my conscience. While my love for cake I hope shall… Continue reading A little less cake, but a lot more cows (that are alive)!

A blog post about nothing and yet everything!

It's been a busy week. I went to Atlanta for the first time last Thursday for The American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (didn't have time to pretend to be Scarlett O'Hara as Savannah is a 4 hour drive, but I did pass the Margaret Mitchell house two times! Notwithstanding Mitchell, the film adaptation was a… Continue reading A blog post about nothing and yet everything!

Everyday should be Cow Appreciation Day!

Today is Cow Appreciation Day, folks! I'm aware that many reading this may not be familiar with #CowAppreciationDay‬, but as I replied to my friend earlier today, I didn't make it up. It's actually a thing! Finally, a day where I can put my bovine love on full display and receive comments such as, "You… Continue reading Everyday should be Cow Appreciation Day!