Three years ago: A reflection on my blogging journey. Everything’s a journey with me, ain’t it?

I had almost forgotten... until I remembered. Cake & Cows was born three years ago today. I did not start blogging three years ago, mind you, but Cake & Cows is my first "public" blog. And by "public" I mean I told people I know in real (or IRL, as we used to say back… Continue reading Three years ago: A reflection on my blogging journey. Everything’s a journey with me, ain’t it?

On Goals — even if they seem to take foreveeeeer

I've come to accept that I will probably be running 5ks for a while. And maybe that's okay. When we make goals for ourselves, it's natural to want to reach them quickly. Isn't that what our society implicitly tells us? Make a goal. Accomplish it. And then on to the next! It's like we're supposed… Continue reading On Goals — even if they seem to take foreveeeeer

Recreating the past

It's a nice feeling you have when something you were so worried about ended up turning out just fine. But the opposite is also true. Except the resulting feeling can sometimes last forever, if you let it. When things you had put a lot of hope in ended up not going the way you wanted… Continue reading Recreating the past

Hyderabad on my mind

Last night, I spoke to an adorable elderly white Methodist woman who had not only heard of Hyderabad, but had actually visited the city! Hyderabad has been on my mind quite a bit lately. First, it was the article we published in our journal examining theodicy and the Hyderabad Zakat & Charitable Trust - and… Continue reading Hyderabad on my mind

Note to self: It will be okay

For the past week or so, I've been feeling super overwhelmed and inundated, as my previous post should have made rather clear. I go through these cycles in my life when all the demands seem too much for me to handle. It could be my perfectionism, my fear of failure... With respect to failure: What… Continue reading Note to self: It will be okay