When good habits turn into obsessions

I never thought I would be reading weather reports so intensively. Before, all I needed to know was whether it was going to rain and how cold it would be, so that I could wear the appropriate coat and shoes. But now, I'm looking for humidity, dew point, wind gusts, and I'm looking at hourly… Continue reading When good habits turn into obsessions

What living in the Hoosier state has done to me

I don't know if it's because I live in Indiana now or because Mr. Rafia is a fan of sports, the other night though I whispered to him (whispered because I'm sick and can't talk without coughing every 30 seconds), "I kinda enjoy basketball." I hesitated to even say it, but it was true. I… Continue reading What living in the Hoosier state has done to me

Part II: An Indian in India…na

How quickly the days seem to pass by. Lately, I've been driving more than I usually do - and I find myself having difficulty keeping my eyes on the road. The trees are absolutely gorgeous this time of year. "Were they always this gorgeous?" I ask myself, before noticing oncoming headlights a little closer to… Continue reading Part II: An Indian in India…na