(Mostly) unfiltered thoughts on self-worth, jealousy

It's so hard not to be jealous. But what am I jealous about? Because she has amazing hair? And has that elusive "group of girls" I always wished I had? Is that really worth being jealous about? A part of me that I am not proud of seeks praise. But what does that actually do?… Continue reading (Mostly) unfiltered thoughts on self-worth, jealousy

At least take the time to read the book jacket!

It's hard to not be lured in by the images social media feeds us. The fact that the amalgamation of these images is even called a 'feed' makes me wonder: Did Al Gore predict this all along? In all seriousness though, I don't know how those of you who have resisted the pull of social… Continue reading At least take the time to read the book jacket!