Ruminations on mortality

This afternoon, as I was trekking my way back to my car, I almost got run over. Apparently, the driver didn't realize he had to make a full stop at a stop sign at an intersection of a university where there are people crossing pretty much during all hours of the day. Sure, it was… Continue reading Ruminations on mortality

The gift of insomnia

There has been one good thing that has come out of my insomnia this past week: being given the chance to really plume through the thoughts whirling around in my head. While the common response would be to check one's phone and endlessly scroll through one's social media feed, I no longer reach for my… Continue reading The gift of insomnia

“Why her?” A pseudo-philosophical ontology

Two days ago, a young student at the school I work at was fatally struck by a school bus. She was someone from the Muslim community, though I didn't know her and had never seen her before. But I know people who knew the girl and her family. The fact that it happened right in… Continue reading “Why her?” A pseudo-philosophical ontology

Visiting the Past/Waiting on the Edge

Four and a half months to the day. Almost exactly. I had assumed it was going to be a one-time thing. Once is more than plenty; but to have this happen twice in my life? I don't believe in coincidences. But I do believe we get the messages we need in forms that are best… Continue reading Visiting the Past/Waiting on the Edge