Happy Birthday to my hero, D.W.

As you may or may not be aware, it is D.W.'s birthday on Monday, May 29th! Since this blog has proven itself to be pretty much the place I write about the crazy things I love, I figured it was high-time for me to write about my love for the PBS show Arthur - specifically… Continue reading Happy Birthday to my hero, D.W.

Call it a poem, call it a lazy attempt at a blog post, call it what you will.

Where does this desire - nay, compulsion - for constant renewal come from? Why do I have all this energy to start projects, but then lose interest after a few months or even days? Is this my fate, is it in my disposition to start this, start that, take on this, take on that -… Continue reading Call it a poem, call it a lazy attempt at a blog post, call it what you will.

The sting of rejection

The thing about receiving upsetting news is that after wiping away a day full of tears, my little grey cells begin to start working again. In my case, I have inspiration to write! So if anything, rejection can fuel creativity (well, my version of it anyway). As you can surmise, I got my third rejection… Continue reading The sting of rejection

Celebrating every step of the way

Today is my and Mr. Rafia's halfiversary - or heiferversary, as I'm calling it.   I know it's practically nothing compared to couples who have been married for decades - and believe me, I can't wait to be one of those cute old couples that take walks every day, holding hands, clearly still so in… Continue reading Celebrating every step of the way