The end of April seems to be fortuitous

It's not very often that Facebook inspires me in a positive way, but it did this morning when I decided to click on that "On This Day" link in the sidebar just 'cause. For today, I was reminded that on this day one year ago, my first ever article was published (Well, technically it was… Continue reading The end of April seems to be fortuitous

Football and the potential unraveling of self-identity

Yesterday, I attended my first ever football game. It most likely won't be the last one I watch. My husband's birthday is on Tuesday. To celebrate, I thought I would surprise him with tickets to see his favourite football team, the Indianapolis Colts. This is Mr. Rafia's first birthday as a married man, so I… Continue reading Football and the potential unraveling of self-identity

The sting of rejection

The thing about receiving upsetting news is that after wiping away a day full of tears, my little grey cells begin to start working again. In my case, I have inspiration to write! So if anything, rejection can fuel creativity (well, my version of it anyway). As you can surmise, I got my third rejection… Continue reading The sting of rejection

He changed his mind! Why does he always change his mind?

I'm the indecisive planner! Not he! I had written a lengthy and serious post last evening. But then, Mr. Rafia comes and tells me after its been published, that he's changed his mind about the very thing which inspired that post! The first thought I have is, "That's great! I love you and all, but… Continue reading He changed his mind! Why does he always change his mind?

Celebrating every step of the way

Today is my and Mr. Rafia's halfiversary - or heiferversary, as I'm calling it. I know it's practically nothing compared to couples who have been married for decades - and believe me, I can't wait to be one of those cute old couples that take walks every day, holding hands, clearly still so in love… Continue reading Celebrating every step of the way