A Year in Review, Rafia-Style.

The thing about getting married on Christmas is: a) As a Muslim from North America, I finally have something to celebrate. No, my family never had a tree - and I am glad my parents held firmly to their faith. Although I ain't gonna lie, I was jealous of all those kiddies who got gifts… Continue reading A Year in Review, Rafia-Style.

A few thoughts on community

I'm often humbled by God bringing people into my life who truly care when I least expect it. Just this morning, when I logged onto Facebook (I'm just as surprised as you all are - sometimes Facebook does accomplish that whole "bringing people together" mantra), I was humbled by the extent of this care and… Continue reading A few thoughts on community

To Cowtown and Back

It's been over a week since I've blogged. I've read "advice" that you should not go more than a few days between posts, because then people will lose interest. And I'm like, "So you should write crap, even if you have nothing to say? You really think people are gonna keep coming back?" Not that… Continue reading To Cowtown and Back