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Confirming what I already kinda knew

After what seems has been an entire year of dealing with non-emergency but nonetheless irritating health issues, perioral dermatitis (Vaseline is my BFF nowadays), persistent allergies, etc. (these etcetera I do not wish to share on a public blog), I finally have some answers! I made a FB post about this earlier this evening somewhat… Continue reading Confirming what I already kinda knew

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I Hope I Bump Into Joe Biden!

Today is my 5-month wedding anniversary. I know 5 months is nothing, relatively-speaking. However, considering how long it took to get to this point - all the waiting, all the tears, all the frustration, all the ill-conceived plans of starting a Muslim-equivalent of a nunnery - if I don't take a moment to appreciate this,… Continue reading I Hope I Bump Into Joe Biden!