Saying “No” (i.e. Hello, Insomnia!)

I have been blessed (why blessed? It seems counter-intuitive on its face, but it's the word that first came to me) this week to have to say "No" to two what-could-have-been really great opportunities. Why did I say "No"? Either the dates, location, or timing simply did not work out. If they did, I'd have… Continue reading Saying “No” (i.e. Hello, Insomnia!)

Back in the doldrums

I feel as if I've hit a point in my life where I have absolutely no goals. Substantial ones that inspire and feel me with passion. It ain't a quarter-life (already had it) nor is it a mid-life (not there yet) crisis. Perhaps everyone feels this sense of malaise as they near their thirties? Let's… Continue reading Back in the doldrums